Unité 1

French II Unité 1 Test Review 26 septembre

Quimiac, France

Log into  Edmodo, Quia, and open classzone. You will complete the activities  from Edmodo. Be sure to complete the survey at the end of the period.

You will need to be logged into Edmodo to see the links for today's lesson. Your username is first name+first letter of last intial+ student ID. Johnt55555. Use the same password to log into the network. Come see me if you have issues.

Activities for today:

1. Quizlet flashcards

2. 3 Quia activities (log into Quia first)

3. Classzone online workbook Leçon 2 Unité 1

4. Google survey.


French I Unité 1 Review

Café Tribeca

Objectives: To review for tomorrow's test

  • Sign into your Edmodo account. Remember that your username is your first name, last initial plus your student id number. Use the same password you use to log into the computer network. Remember that you wrote these down!
  • Sign into your Quia account and to  assigments for today
  • Be sure that you submit each assignment via Edmodo and Quia!
  • Remember you should review one your own as well!
  • Reread all notes culturelles and other cultural information for each lesson.

Complete the assignments in this order:

  1. Quizlet flashcards Unité 1 http://quizlet.com/5321300/discovering-french-nouveau-bleu-1-unite-1-flash-cards/
  2. Quia activities: (right click and open these in a new window)  http://www.quia.com/cb/816161.html
  3. Classzone Leçon 1 and 2  workbook exercises http://www.classzone.com/cz/books/french_1/page_build.htm?id=resources/applications/oltp/na/unite1
  4. Google Survey (see link in Edmodo)