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Guest Blog Post: Merci José Picardo!

Un grand merci to José Picardo, an amazing educator  and Head of Modern Languages, from Nottingham High School, Nottingham, UK. José, who is a member of my Twitter Professional Learning Network (PLN), asked me if I would write a guest post for his extremely helpful Box of Tricks. Box of Tricks is a website aimed at providing educators with important information about technology and language learning.

In Resources: Keeping them real and keeping them together,  I explain how I use authentic resources and how I attempt to organize my resources. My entire follow up to this article can be read at my Francophile blog.

Meme: Passion Quilt

I was tagged by Isabelle Jones for the Passion Quilt meme first sent by Miguel Guhlin. This Passion Quilt meme aims to represent visually what we are most passionate about in Education.

Initially, I had planned to complete the assignment by the weekend, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I needed time to reflect…

I am passionate about teaching and learning languages because it allows me to gain the tools that allow me to examine the Francophone culture from beneath the waterline of the cultural iceberg.


This fall I took an Anti- Bias and Diversity online course offered the Anti-Defamation League. In the course, I learned about the cultural iceberg metaphor. Below is a definition from Mike Berg’s blog

Cultural Iceberg Metaphor

When you first arrive in a foreign culture, you start at the tip of the iceberg. Above the waterline, which represents your level of cultural awareness, are the actions, thoughts, and words (observational behavior) of a culture. What you don’t see, however, until your water level lowers revealing more of the iceberg is the beliefs, values, and assumptions of a culture that motivates the observational behavior above the surface. Thus, the waterline is one of the reasons wars are fought and you cannot help but feel lost when exposed.

Being able to communicate with Francophones in their native language has allowed me to see the culture from beneath the waterline. I am fortunate to have close Francophone friends who have welcomed me as a guest into their homes and into their inner sanctums. It is this up close and personal observation of daily life in a francophone culture that propels me to search out ways for my students to be able to examine culture from up close as well.

The internet has allowed me to bring Francophone culture into my classroom in a way I would have never imagined. As a child, I watched a show called “The Big Blue Marble” and dreamed that I would be able to one day meet my pen pals from




. I have always loved to meet and become acquainted with people whose cultures are different from my own. I also dreamed of one day being able to have 24-hour access to the library because I have an unquenchable thirst for learning. Although I have not been able to meet my pen pals from the “Big Blue Marble”, I have been able meet new friends from distant lands. My library that never closes is the internet, which allows me to learn about anything I want to any time day or night. It is with my 24-hour library that I am able to find authentic resources for my students to experience Francophone culture as much as possible from



What fuels my fire is when my students start making connections to the francophone word. When my students tell me of a new Francophone singer or they have turned their cell phone or IPod language into French. I smile because I know that they are starting to experience that hunger of knowledge… When my students finally become open to learn about the francophone culture, they come closer to getting beneath the water line of that cultural iceberg and their lives will be changed forever, as mine has.

I selected this picture because it represents the beneath the intimate beauty of a multi faceted culture. Relationships are an example of the beneath the water level of a culture while a wedding itself is one of the above the water level facets of the cultural iceberg. This photo represents both the visible and invisible aspects of a culture.

I am passionate about teaching; I am passionate about cultures; I am passionate about learning; I am passionate about life…

I would like to tag the following people to pass on this Passion Quilt…

Amy Lenord

Joanne Jenkins 

Marie -France Perkins

Lisa Stevens

Denise Tanner 


• Write a short post about what you are passionate about teaching your students.

• Post a picture from a source like Flickr CC or




or take your own picture that represents what YOU are most passionate about teaching your students and give your picture a short title.

• Title your blog post “Meme: Passion Quilt” and link back to Miguel Guhlin’s original blog entry.

Why are YOU passionate about teaching AND learning languages?

HATFL Conference- 23 February

Technology Tips for Teachers

Andrea Henderson and Amy Lenord

HATFL Conference

February 23, 2008


Continuous Improvement Website- Cedar Rapids Community Schools.

Goal setting, mission statements, class meetings, data folders, and more. This is a GOLDMINE of information with many forms and templates that can be customized.


National Certification- World Languages


Classroom Curriculum Connections: A Teacher's Handbook for Personal-Professional Growth professional development guide by Saskatchewan Learning encourages Collaborative Planning as a professional goal for all teachers to consider.



CASLS is a K-16 National Foreign Language Resource Center promoting international literacy by supporting communities of educators and by partnering with those communities to develop a comprehensive system of proficiency-based tools for lifelong language learning and teaching. Customizable newsletter once a week.


The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT)- Newsletter once a month


Teachers TV- Rich resource of instructional techniques in

Great Britain

. You can sign up for an account and keep bookmarks. Newsletter once a month.


Edweek.org. Newsletter once a week.


Teacher Magazine. Newsletter once a week



Yahoo Newsgroups

AP Exchanges

[email protected]

MFL Resources. Very active group from the


. The individual message mode allows you to receive the very useful attachments. However, there can be 50 or more messages a day! For me it is worth it!


[email protected]


* Yahoo, MSN, International Google are also excellent sources for “real world” information.

Sue Fenton- Madame Fifi Publications.

Excellent resources for maximizing oral communication. Sample titles-

Over 1,000 Conversation Starters for Any Language Course —A BEST-SELLER

Power Talk

You Played a Song. Now What?   

Move Your Students to a





L’Internaute Magazine- French online magazine for everyday life. This is my home page and I couldn’t start my day without it!


MCM.net- Everything about contemporary French music!



Great source of videos to show your students


This is an example of a playlist I created for the theme of personal relationships


Cultural Iceberg Metaphor

Mike Berg’s Blog

When you first arrive in a foreign culture, you start at the tip of the iceberg. Above the waterline, which represents your level of cultural awareness, are the actions, thoughts, and words (observational behavior) of a culture. What you don’t see, however, until your water level lowers revealing more of the iceberg is the beliefs, values, and assumptions of a culture that motivates the observational behavior above the surface. Thus, the waterline is one of the reasons wars are fought and you can’t help but feel lost when exposed.


Cultural Iceberg- One page representation


Cultural Iceberg- Multi page reference created to use in ESL classes



Integrating ICT in MFL Classroom- This should be your starting point for how to integrate technology into your classroom. There are extensive podcasts, slide shows, etc. Joe Dale has done an amazing job harnessing useful resources. His blog is what inspired me to create my own. Furthermore, his students at the



have great podcasts that you can subscribe to in ITunes.



Podcasts Foreign Language.  Podcasts are a great way to bring language into your classroom. Buying an IPod (I have the third generation Nano which has video capacity) allows you to listen and view on the go. You can also hook your IPod to the TV with a special cord.

ITunes download – You can search for podcasts in the ITunes store.


Using Podcasts to Teach Languages

Joe Dale has imbedding a You Tube Video of using podcasts for language learning


Podcast directories





Creating online surveys with analysis of the results. The free version allows you to see the results for only 10 days.  10 days are enough for my purposes.



Ikeepbookmarks - My personal bookmarks. I have collected hundreds of sites useful to me. I can access my bookmarks from any computer and this has been a life saver for me!


Les Chevaliers du Château des Champions- My personal blog page. It is a work in progress!


Creative Lee- Organizational tips for creative (aka right brained) thinkers. 


Motivation to move- Motivational forum and podcasts for all areas of life- Real motivation for your real life! 


Carole Fredericks Foundation

The Foundation provides teachers with authentic French language materials and easy to use, classroom tested lesson plans and related methodologies that engage students, teach French language skills and promote the study of francophone cultures. Carole was an African American singer who was most famous by her recordings in


with Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones. She is my inspiration…


Voix de l'Espoir- Que Serai- Je Demain?

* Although this video was created after Carole's death, her distinctive voice is ever present in the song. There is a brief clip of Carole in this video.

A larger than life figure with a generous spirit, Carole was a performer who threw herself into her live performances body and soul. She liked nothing more than getting involved in fund-raising tours with singers and musician friends. Indeed, Carole was a regular at charity concerts organized by Restos du Cœur and Les Enfoirés. On March 8th (2001)... she brought the house down at “Voix de l’Espoir [Voices of Hope]” concert organized on International Women’s Day. Taking the stage at Club Med World in Paris with a host of other female singers including Princess Erika, Jocelyne Beroard, Rokia Traoré and Lââm, Carole helped to raise much needed funds for the construction of a Pan-African children’s hospital in Dakar [Senegal, West Africa].”

- Pierre Rene-Worms for rfi.fr


Support documents from the HATFL Conference.

Download hatfl_resource_list.doc A copy of this document in Word form.

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Download support_pages_hatfl1.doc

Amy Lenord's Mission Download amys_biomission.doc Additional Resources COMIC STRIP CODE: COLLAGR http://images.collagr.com/1000/1/f19eb3d1-c419-49ea-940a-c9c28dc84b70_embed.jpg GLOGSTER – ONLINE POSTER created by Amy Lenord http://alenord.glogster.com/glog-718/