French III

J'aimerais être...

True Colors Henderson


What do you plan to be doing 20 years from now? What kind of career will you have? How will you decide what career to have?

The instructions for this assignment are also at the class Wikispaces

  1. Take the True Colors Assessment 
  2. Do a screen shot of your results save the photo. You will upload it to your Wiki page
  3. Go to the Livebinder page and select the tab 21st Century Careers General. Find the jobs that are recommended for your “True Color” According to your personality, what careers should you pursue? Do you agree?
  4. Go to Etudiant and find the secteurs for your recommended and/or desired job.
  5. On your wiki page, you will insert your photo of your “True Colors” Then, you will tell what  you should pursue according to your “True Colors” and what you actually want to pursue  using the following model.  Navigate to

Selon “True Colors” je devrais travailler dans le secteur  comme ______ (métier)

Moi, j’aimerais travailler dans le secteur ________ comme (métier)


1.A police officer stops you in the street and asks for your ID. / Un agent de police vous arrête dans la rue et vous demande vos papiers.

2.You see a mother in a supermarket slap her child. / Vous voyez une mère dans un supermarché qui gifle son enfant.

3.You are on a long bus ride. The person sitting next to you starts talking and asks you friendly but... / Vous êtes dans le bus pour un long trajet. La personne à côté de vous commence à vous parler et vous pose...

4.You are at the movies. The people sitting right behind you make loud comments about the film. / Vous êtes au cinéma. Les gens assis juste derrière vous commentent le film à voix haute.

5.You have been waiting in line for ten minutes. Someone cuts the line in front of you. / Vous faites la queue depuis dix minutes. Quelqu'un vous passe devant.

6.You are walking down the street in a big city. A stranger approaches you with a big smile. / Vous marchez dans la rue dans une grande ville. Quelqu'un que vous ne connaissez pas vous aborde avec un...

7.You see a student next to you cheating on an exam. / Vous voyez un étudiant à côté de vous qui triche lors d'un examen.

7 jours sur la planet French 3AP

Objective- To  practice listening and reading in French


Pre-activity: Fill out the AP exam survey (the link is in Edmodo)

  1. You will use for this activity
  2. Download the appropriate form for your level (in Edmodo)
  3. Activity 1- Air France relie Paris à Téhéran- View the video and answer the questions in your word document
  4. Activity 2- Le garçon aux grandes oreilles – View the video and answer the questions in your Word documentTurn in the assignment by uploading to Edmodo
  5. Post activity- Fill out the 7 jours sur la planète survey 


 Pen pal messages:

First, reply briefly to your penpal's message.

Next, answer the Cultura word association in English (you can copy and paste from this page). You should answer with two or three words for the word association. Then, copy and paste the English portion of the sentence completion. 

Finally, copy and paste the French portions below so that your penpal can answer the same questions but in French. 

Word Association

family / famille
France / France
immigration / immigration
United States / Etats-Unis
money / argent
success / réussite
Europe / Europe
the American Dream / le rêve américain
freedom / liberté
work / travail
Elite / Elite
individualism / individualisme
suburbs / banlieue


Sentence Completion

True gender equality ... / Une vraie égalité entre les sexes ...
A good job is a job... / Un bon travail est un travail...
A good parent ... / Un bon parent ...
A rude person is someone who ... / Une personne impolie est quelqu'un qui ...
A good student ... / Un bon étudiant ...
A well behaved child ... / Un enfant bien élevé ...
A good teacher is someone ... / Un bon prof. est quelqu'un ...
What the US needs most ... / Ce dont la France a le plus besoin ...
A true friend ... / Un véritable ami ...
I can't stand when people ... / Je ne supporte pas quand les gens ...


Agir- Droits de L'Homme


Agir en ligne

Rationale- Throughout the world, there are many injustices and violations of the Rights of man. Your task is to read several profiles and  react by reading scenarios and reacting online.  

Task: You will  select THREE difference scenarios and complete the Google Form.   You will sign the petition for three scenarios.  In the form, you will  summarize by giving the giving the name of the injustice, the country, summarize the situation and letter in English as well as reflecting on your progress. This is due at the end of the period.

Amnesty International

Google Forms - See the Edmodo page for the Google form 


Support for reading

You may use  the following to help you read

Lingro (Be sure to select French/English)

Word Reference

Les ONG et Email

 Les ONG

1. Les ONG à Haïti 5 ans après  (video)


2. Six organismes pour partir en mission à l'étranger   


3. ONG


4. Franco ONG


5. Photographe cherche ONG pour une première expérience dans l'humanitaire»:


6. D'autres sites pour s'informer et donner en ligne



Writing Emails 

  1. Writing emails that get replies  
  2.  How to write letters in French 
  3. Un mail formel
  4. Écrire un mail pour demander des renseignements en français  (avec des exercises_ 




Comment choisir un ONG

  1. Comment choisir un ONG
  2. Ècrire pour les droits

French III/AP Signing up for accounts and practice for presentation


Jus de pain de singe_from baobob tree


Part 1

Objective: To sign up for class accounts

1. Using the handout I have given you, sign up for your Edmodo account. Remember to use the username template!

2. Next, sign up for your account at

3. Sign up for your account at Quizlet. The link to the account is in Edmodo. 

4. Sign up for the Discovering French Rouge textbook The code on the information sheet 

5. Fill out the username Googledoc form to track your accounts. Be sure to write your usenames. Use the same password that you use to sign into the network ( the link for this will be on Edmodo)

6. Speaking practice Lingt Language- You will find the link to this on Edmodo 

French III/AP Semester Exam Review

Semester Exam Review French III/ AP   Spring

Exam Outline

French III

Part 1- Listening comprehension – Understand a telephone answering machine message regarding travel

You must be able to understand the main idea and important details. You should be able to understand words like: tapez, veuillez patienter, numbers, days of the week, etc.

French AP

Part 1- Listening comprehension – Understand touristic information in a conversation between two people

You must be able to understand the main idea and important details.  You should be able to understand numbers, countries, and activities.

French 3/ AP

Part 2- Reading comprehension-

You must be able to understand emails, ads, announcements, and schedules and other aspects of daily life.

You should understand reservation made by fax.

You should be able to read information about a hotel and extract details.

You should be able to read information about a restaurant and extract details.

French III

You should be able to read an article about being an eco-citoyen and answer true/false questions about the article.

French AP

You should be able to read an article about recycling and identify who recycles properly.

French 3/ AP

Part 3- Writing production-

You should be able to give your impressions of a gastronomic menu

French III

You should be able to convince someone in an email about why they travel with you to a certain location.

French AP

You should be able to talk about your ecological habits and those around you and suggest what they should do to be more ecologically conscious.

French III

Online practice- You should practice at levels A1 and A2

Online practice- You should practice at levels A2 and B1