Pen pan letters

You will write your introductory letter to your penpal in class today. Remember to write in French, you have to read in French first.  Take a few moments to practice reading the pen pal letters here:

Start here: 




Phrases for letters



  1. Take note of any useful words and phrases you would like to use.  In your letter you will:
  2. Open the letter
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Tell how old you are
  5. Tell about your family members
  6. Tell what you like to do
  7. You can include what movies you like, what songs you like or anything else you would like to add
  8. Answer any of your correspondant’s  questions
  9. Close the letter


To help you with your letter, you should NOT use Google Translate!

Use Linguée to help formulate phrases

Don’t start writing in English first! You will end up with a very bad franglais…. Use the models provided