French II Describing people

Objectives:Describing people (physical  and personality) with être and descriptive adjectives; reviewing verb  être, c'est vs. il/elle est.

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Pre Activity

Complete the following adjective activities:


 Review the online vocabulary with  at the Classzone Unité 1 Flashcards



II.  Complete the following exercises from the Online Workbook Unité 1 at the AVERAGE level:
Adjective Agreement:

  • Langue et communication A: Les expressions avec être
  • Langue et communication B: Les adjectifs: forme et position
  • Langue et communication C. Quelques adjectifs irréguliers
  • Lague et communcation D: C'est ou il est

Qui Suis-Je? - French III AP

True Colors


In preparation for your upcoming project, you will take two online personality quizzes. The photo above is my personal result from the True Colors test. Log into Edmodo for more complete directions for today's assignment.

1. Sign up for your Edmodo account using the handout. Be sure to use the password formula!

2. Download the  Worksheet forms from Edmodo and take the True Colors quiz and Myers-Briggs Assessment.

Complete the True Colors survey

3. Complete the worksheet from Edmodo and turn it in to Edmodo.

4. Complete the username survey on Edmodo.