French I places to go

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Do not open Skyward! We have too much to do. You can check

your grades on your OWN time!


Objective: Talking about getting around town


  1. Make sure that your headset is ready to record. Do a sound check first

  2. Read the directions on how to use Lingt Language Tools 


  1. Activity:

    1. Review your vocabulary by practicing the flashcards at Quizl







2. Practice your grammar at Quia



2. Recording at Lingt language

Click on  Leçon 13 En Ville to beging recording. Remember you must give permission to allow access to your microphone.

3. First, you will listen by clicking on the blue bubble. To record, click on the grey bubble once to begin recording and then a second time when you are finished recording.

4.  When you are ready to submit your assignment, type in your first and last name and class period. You do not have to put in an email.


Post activity- Evaluation- on Edmodo

Two stars and a wish- Be sure you have included your evaluation of your activities today in today's post. You will tell what two things went well and what you would do differently.