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French II- Pour décrire une personne

J'aimerais être...

True Colors Henderson


What do you plan to be doing 20 years from now? What kind of career will you have? How will you decide what career to have?

The instructions for this assignment are also at the class Wikispaces

  1. Take the True Colors Assessment 
  2. Do a screen shot of your results save the photo. You will upload it to your Wiki page
  3. Go to the Livebinder page and select the tab 21st Century Careers General. Find the jobs that are recommended for your “True Color” According to your personality, what careers should you pursue? Do you agree?
  4. Go to Etudiant and find the secteurs for your recommended and/or desired job.
  5. On your wiki page, you will insert your photo of your “True Colors” Then, you will tell what  you should pursue according to your “True Colors” and what you actually want to pursue  using the following model.  Navigate to

Selon “True Colors” je devrais travailler dans le secteur  comme ______ (métier)

Moi, j’aimerais travailler dans le secteur ________ comme (métier)


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