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French II Describing people

Objectives:Describing people (physical  and personality) with être and descriptive adjectives; reviewing verb  être, c'est vs. il/elle est.

Practice reading_mendel







Pre Activity

Complete the following adjective activities:


 Review the online vocabulary with  at the Classzone Unité 1 Flashcards



II.  Complete the following exercises from the Online Workbook Unité 1 at the AVERAGE level:
Adjective Agreement:

  • Langue et communication A: Les expressions avec être
  • Langue et communication B: Les adjectifs: forme et position
  • Langue et communication C. Quelques adjectifs irréguliers
  • Lague et communcation D: C'est ou il est

French III AP Guide Pour Quatre Temps

Un Guide pour Le Quatre Temps

Download Create a guide for Americans visiting France


You are an intern working in the marketing department for Le Quatre Temps.  Your department has decided that they want to create a publication to help make the mall more appealing for American visitors. You will need to create a guide to the stores and give an example of what would appel to an American audience.


How do I create a shopping guide for Americans who are visiting Le Quatre Temps? .


For at least five of the sections, find at least French store that would appeal to an American audience. Be sure to explain why you selected your choice.  Select one item one would purchase from each store.


Accessoires de mode

Lacoste        Polo Classic Fit Lacoste L.12.12 manches longues      110 €*

You will title this Guide pour le Quatre Temps and place the information on your wikipage.

French I- Holidays, calendar, time


Living statue in Brussels, Belgium


Objectives: Learning about French holidays, practicing the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, and time.


1. Go to the  French holidays site and copy the chart on your own paper. You will write the holiday, month in French and English.  You will write how the holiday is celebrated in English. In addition, you will create five fill in the blank answers WITH answers. You will turn this in. I will use the questions to create a Kahoot game. 


Métiers et les frais

Budget Université

Université Laval

Université McGill

Frais au Canada

Venir en France- Quel budget pour étudiant?

France- Calculer vos études  

Etats Unis

Etats Unis


Ètudiant Métiers



Imagine ton fûtur



Livebinders Link- Careers


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