French I Voyager 2 mai

French II Aéroport




Objective- To learn the vocabulary for navigating French airports

Pre-Activity- Open a Word Document on which you will take notes and ask/answer questions ** The links for the video will be found in the assignment on Edmodo 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary from pp. 244 and 245 of your handout..
  2. On your Word document- Type top seven words you think you would need if you were traveling to a French speaking country. Use  to look up any words.
  3. Video 1- Watch the Comme Une Française video  and take notes on the important points of the video. What are the three biggest mistakes people make? What other questions do you have?
  4. Video 2- Watch the video Paris Charles de Gaule  What did you learn about navigating this airport? What new vocabulary did you learn?
  5. Bienvenue à bord . Watch the video and complete the activities. Which activity was your favorite? Least favorite?
  6. Mots de L’aéroport- Watch the vocabulary and complete the activities.  Which activity was your favorite? Least favorite?
  7. Reflection- On your word document, tell me what went well and what you would do differently. Turn your assignment into Edmodo.


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