Une journée à Québec

French II- Plan a regional vacation


You have been given the opportunity to  create an ideal vacation of your region. You will create    7 day  6six night vacation under a budget of $3,500 with only three hours of spare time each day. 

You will create a powerpoint to detail your intinerary. You will create a 60 second elevator pitch to launch your project and a short presentation of your region to the class. May the best presentation win! 


Step 1- Read about how to plan a trip here!preparer-voyage--tour-du-monde/czp0  . You will download the Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your expenses.

Step 2 Create an account at to plan your trip.

Step 3 Create your itinerary and keep track of your expenses in your spreadsheet. You will need to include several activities each day.  Make sure you have an agenda for each day with the time  for each activity.  Here is an example of an agenda

Step 4. Create your Powerpoint with your vacation plan. Be sure to include a bibliography. 


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