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French I Voyage au Québec

Agir- Droits de L'Homme


Agir en ligne

Rationale- Throughout the world, there are many injustices and violations of the Rights of man. Your task is to read several profiles and  react by reading scenarios and reacting online.  

Task: You will  select THREE difference scenarios and complete the Google Form.   You will sign the petition for three scenarios.  In the form, you will  summarize by giving the giving the name of the injustice, the country, summarize the situation and letter in English as well as reflecting on your progress. This is due at the end of the period.

Amnesty International

Google Forms - See the Edmodo page for the Google form 


Support for reading

You may use  the following to help you read

Lingro (Be sure to select French/English)

Word Reference


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