French I Travel Jour 1
French II Travel Jour 2

French IIIAP Voyager autrement

Voyager autremont



Tourisme Durable


You will complete the following activities and upload to Edmodo.

 You can download this form and type your answers below. 

Download What is écotourism

What is  écotourism?  Tourisme durable? Explain in English.


What are the responsibilities of an écotourist? Read the document below and in English, name the three most important tenants of being an écotourist .


Biodiversity in France Outre mer- Read the Green passport and list three territories you would like to visit and what you would like to see there.



Pick a destination from  Voyages pour Notre Planète  You will complete this in French.

  • Give the name of the tour
  • The highlights of the tour
  • Take a screenshot of the location
  • Give Information  about the price. 


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