French I Spring Semester Exam Review
French I Signing up for accounts- La Rentrée

French II Spring Semester Exam Review

There will be 87 questions on the exam.


Listening-You will need to:

  • Understand whether a conversation is taking place at the supermarket, at a family dinner, at a market, or at a restaurant or café
  • Understand  conversations about food and select the logical completion
  • You will listen for flight information. You will be listening for information about the flight, destination, time, and gate
  • Understand numbers in an everyday context: time, how much things cost, telephone numbers, dates, etc.

Reading- You will need to:


  • Understand publication about various restaurants and be able to determine what one would eat at each restaurant as well as the hours of operation of each restaurant.
  • Understand   a brochure from a hotel and understand the main points.
  • Understand vocabulary in context about cars, hotels, and the  airport.  You  should also

be able to label  a car.



Cultural information you will need to:


  • Know the difference between a château fort and a château de le Renaissance
  • Read a description of a château and determine if it is the château of Chambord or Chenonceau
  • Understand cultural information  about  cars, hotels, and French  airports.


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