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Open a Word document so that you can type your responses.

Step 1-  Read the mission from the first page.


Step 2-  Open the resources:



Step 3- Complete the Webquest. You will turn this into Edmodo.



First thing's first.  You'll need to scope out the area, to discover general aspects of Québec's history, geography, etc.
[Hint:  Use your resource page to find the information.  Once you find the information, type it out and save it as a MSWord document- which you will email to me later.]

1.  What is the population of Québec?
2.  What is the primary language spoken?
3.  What is the capital of Québec?
4.  What is the largest city?

1.  Where is Québec located?
2.  What areas border Québec (from north, south, east and west)?
3.  What people populated Québec when Jacques Cartier arrived?
4.  Who is Jacques Cartier?
5.  When did Québec (New France) become a royal province of France?
6.  What is the purpose of the Québec Act?

7.  What is the motto of Québec?
8.  What is the floral emblem of Québec?
9.  What is Québec’s national holiday?

Next, find out some practical information you can use when you visit, you know- as a tourist.

10.  What type of money (legal tender) is used in Québec?
11.  List the nine (9) legal holidays.
12.  Do the Québécois celebrate Thanksgiving?  If so, is it on the same day as ours?
13.  Who, in 1763, granted to "His Royal Majesty, the sole ownership of Canada and its dependencies?"

And finally, check out the fun, sometimes rowdy side of Québec- it's firing up!

14.  What  French holiday does the Carnival celebrate?
15.  When is the Carnival usually held- during which months?
16.  When was the first edition of the Québec Winter Carnival held?
17.  List three (3) traditions of the Québec Carnival.
18.  List and describe three (3) events/activities that were held in this year's Carnival. What are the Carnival dates fro 2016? 
19.  Who is Bonhomme?  What kind of creature is he?
20.  Go the to the Village des Sports Aquatic park . How much does it cost? Which rides would you like to go on? Write this in French and make a screenshot of the rides.

21. Go the Village des   Sports Winter Park. How much does it cost? Which rides would you like to go on? Write this in French and make a screenshot of the rides.

22.  Go to the first time visitors to Québec site   Make a list of at least five things you would like to visit.

Turn into Edmodo when you are finished! 



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