French III/AP Semester Exam Review
French II Spring Semester Exam Review

French I Spring Semester Exam Review

French I Semester Exam Review


Review Outline

There will be 86 questions on the test. You will need to review the vocabulary and cultural information from your packets and from chapter 4-7 of your textbook.

Listening: You will need to:
• Understand prices of various clothing items (you’ll need to know numbers from 1-100)
• Understand the relationships of the members of a family using a family tree

Reading: You will need to:
• Understand directions on a map
• Understand the descriptions of pen pals and select the best match for a pen pal
• Understand the information on an SNCF train ticket
• Understand the information on a weather map (be sure to review weather conditions!)
• Read an article about daily activities of athletes
• Understand the order of dialogue in which someone is asking for directions

Cultural Information : Be sure that you know about the following:
• Trains
• Tours, France
• Chateaux of the Loire Valley
• Québec and the Québecois
• Switzerland

Online help: for chapter 4,5,6,7



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