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French I Clothing Jour 3


Today, you will finish your powerpoint. The original directions are here:

The link to the clothing catalogs, accent marks,conversion information, etc. are here: 


 If you are finished, you can complete the following assignments


I- Review of functions and vocabulary

Chapter 10 Allez Viens- Complete ALL activities and the self test.

II.  Clothing and grammar games- Complete all activities

III- Buying clothes


You may also come get a head set and explore my playlists: 

French I Playlist

Octobre 2013

Année 2014-2015


These are the only approved sites. You may NOT listen to other music and go to other sites without permission! 

French II- Souvenirs du passé Jour 3

Today, your main task is to complete your Powerpoint. The directions are here:


When you are finished, you may start on the next assignment


Objective: To talk about what you did in the past using the imperfect tense


Oui, c' est moi quand j' étais petite!


What was life like when you were little? What did you do? Who were your friends? Where did you live?

To describe these events, you will need to use the impefect tense. Open a Word document to use as your working document. You will upload this to Edmodo.




Objective: To understand the uses of the imperfect, to recognize its forms, and to conjugate verbs in the imperfect. The expectation is that you work silently during the class period. I will let you know when you may log off. Remain seated until you have been dismissed.

1. Imperfect description- View the  video and write a summary in English of the video on a word document



 2. View the second  video and write a summary in English of the video your Word document


3. Use

to find the imperfect forms of:

To live

To read

To listen to

To play

To like

To detest


4. Review the imperfect terms on Quia

5. Complete the matching activity

6. Complete the following Padlet activities:

 7. Compete the survey and upload your Word document to Edmodo

Pensez Ecolo Jour 2

La Terre

Français III/AP- Pensez Ecolo 


To create a powerpoint in which you will... 

A.) Identify the issue & its importance [who/what it affects, the danger if it continues…etc]

B.) Show the seriousness of this issue through pictures, graphs, data, and specific stories or examples. Give us the facts! Give at least three different examples to back up your facts.

C. Then, you will explain what are important and necessary steps/actions to take in order to reach a solution to this problem. What can individuals do? What can communities or whole countries do? Will it be easy or difficult to reach a solution? [you will use the  il faut” and the subjunctive expressions

D. You will also create an ad for your cause


2. Student examples: You may click here for examples:


Download Final French Project

Download L'Eau Powerpoint

Download French_Environment_(The_Earth)_project[1][2]



3. Here are some  possible topics for environment problems:

1.)Le Changement climatique (l’effet de serre, les glaciers, l’ours polaire, opinion- Vrai? Faux?, la technologie, Protocole de Kyoto, “Une Verité qui dérange,” etc.)

2.)L’Énergie (propre, sale, renouvelable, énergie indépendante, énergie solaire & énergie éolienne, utilsation du charbon, gaspillage d’électricité, etc)

3.)Le Gaspillage (décharges publiques [dumps], recyclage, culture de consommation, etc.)

4.)L’Eau (pollution, réserves, gaspillage, etc.)

5.)La Nourriture (réserves, gaspillage, consommation, distribution, végetarien v. carnivore, la chasse, etc.)

6.)La Consommation (gaspillage, nations industrialisés v. tiers monde [third world], durabilité [sustainability], etc.)

7.)La Terre (érosion, déforestation, glaciers, parcs nationaux, pollution, etc.)

8.)Les Écosystèmes, les Espèces menacées (animaux, espèces indicateures, plantes, etc.)

9.)La Santé (OGM [GMO], super-insèctes & mauvaises herbes, effets du lait de soja, etc.)



You can also use my bookmarks to search for websites, articles, and video

Start here with Livebinders

French II Souvenirs du Passé Jour 2



 If you were in class on Monday, you will continue your project where you left off and upload your completed project to Edmodo when you are finished.


If you were NOT in class last Monday, you will need to read the project from the beginning.


1. Objective and description of project

 to research what life was like in France during your chosen era. You will create a SIMPLE powerpoint to report your findings. You are researching France and all of your information will be in French! You will document all weblinks on the last page.


2.Examples of student projects

You may view past projects here: 

Download Trystyn_cline_french_slide_show_5_22_20142

Download Doc past

Download Ann_es_19902  * Note: This presentation is missing the bibliography


3.Template for project

We only have today, so do not make this complicated! Use the titles below. You can  start with this template:

Download Template



Start with my livebinders page for your research:

Use to help you read the pages in French

To make accent marks:

 You will upload this to Edmodo when you are finished. 


Slide 1- You will begin with a cover slide with your name and Années ____

Slide 2- Pendant les années 70 en France les personnages significatifs étaient…  (5 people)

Slide 3- Pendant les années 70 en France les prénoms populaires étaient… (3 female and 3 male)

Slide 4- Pendant les années 70 en France les gens écoutaient… (3 artists 3 songs)

Slide 5-À la télé  pendant les années 70 en France les gens regardaient (3 shows)

Slide 6- Au cinéma  pendant les années 70 en France les gens regardaient (3 films)

Slide 7- Pendant les années 70 en France les gens portaient…. (search for années 70 mode (male 3 female3 )

Slide 8-  Pendant les années 70 en France les jeux populaires étaient…  (3 games)

Slide 9- Bibliography



1er avril



If you finish early...


  1. Read about the history of  Poisson d’Avril at Momes.
  2. If time allows,  you may take the quiz
  3. You may also look at the comtptines
  4. Check out a canular at






You may send me a greeting card from Dromadaire


There must be NO English on this card. Copy and paste one of the comptines from Momes.