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La Terre

Français III/AP- Pensez Ecolo 


1.To review vocabulary and  subjunctive for discussing the environment

2. To select a topic for research

3. Create a powerpoint in which you will... 

A.) Identify the issue & its importance [who/what it affects, the danger if it continues…etc]

B.) Show the seriousness of this issue through pictures, graphs, data, and specific stories or examples. Give us the facts! Give at least three different examples to back up your facts.

Then, you will explain what are important and necessary steps/actions to take in order to reach a solution to this problem. What can individuals do? What can communities or whole countries do? Will it be easy or difficult to reach a solution? [you will use the  il faut” and the subjunctive expressions


Student examples: You may click here for examples:


Download Final French Project

Download L'Eau Powerpoint

Download French_Environment_(The_Earth)_project[1][2]




 Pre-activity: To think about: What is the subjunctive? How is it formed? When is it used?

II. Activity: Practicing vocabulary and subjunctive for talking about the environment

A. Complete all 7 exercises from Soyons Raisonables- Should finish by the end of the period.

B. Complete the Activités Internet for Chapitre 3  (You should download the PDF first and copy into a Word document) (A-C only) 

C. If the link is broken, you will need to do some research. Look at the key words of the description and search for those items in French. 


Here are some  possible topics for environment problems:

1.)Le Changement climatique (l’effet de serre, les glaciers, l’ours polaire, opinion- Vrai? Faux?, la technologie, Protocole de Kyoto, “Une Verité qui dérange,” etc.)

2.)L’Énergie (propre, sale, renouvelable, énergie indépendante, énergie solaire & énergie éolienne, utilsation du charbon, gaspillage d’électricité, etc)

3.)Le Gaspillage (décharges publiques [dumps], recyclage, culture de consommation, etc.)

4.)L’Eau (pollution, réserves, gaspillage, etc.)

5.)La Nourriture (réserves, gaspillage, consommation, distribution, végetarien v. carnivore, la chasse, etc.)

6.)La Consommation (gaspillage, nations industrialisés v. tiers monde [third world], durabilité [sustainability], etc.)

7.)La Terre (érosion, déforestation, glaciers, parcs nationaux, pollution, etc.)

8.)Les Écosystèmes, les Espèces menacées (animaux, espèces indicateures, plantes, etc.)

9.)La Santé (OGM [GMO], super-insèctes & mauvaises herbes, effets du lait de soja, etc.)



III. Post activity- As a comment to this post, list the environment issue you plan to research. Also, tell what two things went well and what you would have done differently.


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