French Trip Advisor Drafts

Petites annonces, Lettres, Cvs, Formulaires

Objectives:  To read Petites Annonces and to write a letter of motivation and a CV.


Pre-activity: Create a word document to keep track of any new words you learned. You will upload this at the end of the period.

References: You may use http://lingro.comhttp://wordreference.com  or http://linguee.com  to help with the vocabulary.


Les Petites Annonces

  1. Read the petites annonces and complete the activities that follow.


  1. In your Word document, list any new words that you learned.  How difficult was the reading and assignment? Give it a rating with 1 being the least difficult and 10 being the most difficult.


Les CVs et Lettres de Motivation – The following links will take you through the steps of putting together a CV, writing a letter of motivation, and filling out forms.  Throughout each step, you will verify the spelling,  pertinent information, correct format, etc.  Continue to press the down arrow until you get to the Conclusion. When you  have completed all of the steps, you will sousmettre.  If all of your information is correct, it will be accepted. If not, you will need to correct any missing information.  Take a screen shot of your confirmation page.


  1. 1.       First , you will complete the following link:



  1. 2.       Next, choose one from the following links
  2. a.       http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/cecqf/html/applyingForAJob.html?section=Human%20Care&path=soins_medicaux/resume/resume.html



  1. b.      http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/cecqf/html/applyingForAJob.html?section=Business%20Services&path=services_commerciaux/resume/resume.html


  1. c.       http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/cecqf/html/applyingForAJob.html?section=Natural%20Resources&path=ressources_naturelles/resume/resume.html


  1. 3.       How was your learning experience today? What did you learn? What was difficult about today? Please respond to these questions in your Word document and “Turn in” the document at the end of the period.  Be  sure to include your screen shots of the confirmation pages. 


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