French II- Introductions, nationalities, professions
Français I- Getting acquainted

Français 3AP: Métiers


Learning about jobs






References:  Open the following documents to help you with unfamiliar vocabulary:


Word Reference




Lingro (Select French to English)




Part 1: Review vocabulary


  1. University life
  2. Facultés




After the test: Part 2:  Job exploration


Visit the following sites to help you learn more about careers.  Some of these have sound


  1.   >


You will select the door for descriptions of various careers. There are four screens


  1. You can find more about jobs here. You can chose by interest or by sector






  1. Quel métier pour…


At this site, you will read about different students who are trying to select a career. Read and jot down the main idea of at least two different articles.






Evaluation: Survey: Complete the survey on Edmodo



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