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French IIIAP penpal letter and travel

Creating a proposal for your travel destination and penpal letter


Download the document so that you can read all of the attached files:   Download Computer Lab French3P 3.18 version 2

First, you will have  20 minutes to upload your penpal letter. This is a MAJOR grade!

Next, you will begin your travel destination proposal . This is due NEXT Wednesday



By now, you should have:

  • Selected your travel location
  • Found a round trip flight to your destination


Your tasks

  1. To create a budget for your trip
  2. To create a Powerpoint to defend your travel location.

This is due by  next WEDNESDAY


  1. 1.       Creating a budget:

First, view the embedded video and decide what your budget should be



  1. 2.       Creating the Powerpoint

You will:

  • Slide 1: Cover slide with picture and a descriptive phrase to entice the reader. See the example on the next page
  • Slide 2: Describe your trip. Example: Pour un séjour  de 15 jours  en France, (au Maroc, en Bretagne, en Suisse) le prix moyen du vol allez-retour depuis les Etats Unis est de ______ (include Euros and dollars. You can convert at  et le budget moyen par jour est de ______ (include Euros and dollars)
  • Slides 3- 7) Use  the conditional  to tell what kinds of things you could do or see there. Example: À Paris, on  visterait la Tour Eiffel...  French III, create 3 slides. French AP create  5 slides. You should have photo from each section as well as your text.
  • Slide 6/8: Budget: Write the categories and totalf of your budget in dollars and Euros
  • Final slide:  List all sources you used for your Powerpoint. 


See the attached files in the original document

French II Foods and quantities


  • To practice the vocabulary of quantities.
  • To shop for online groceries.
  • To review cooking project.
  • To assess what was learned today.

1.      Create a Word document  and name it your last name, your class period, and today's date.

2.      In your word document, be sure to create a header with your first and last name. Number the pages.

3. You will upload this to Edmodo



Task #1

Review the different fruits and vegetables.

For each category, copy and paste the pictures of five items you did not previously know. Be sure to write the English equivalent of each word.

  • Légumes/fruits
  • Produits céréliers
  • Laits et subtituts
  • Viandes et substitutes
  • Autres aliments boissons


Task #2

A. Review the vocabulary for talking about foods


B. Review talking about French meals


C. Review expressions of quantity



Part II- Learning how to prepare a French meal

1. Go to the following website and look at each of the menus. Select your favorite from each category. Copy and paste the menu below.

Classic Menus 

Super Easy Menus 

Special Light Menus

Express Menus 

Vegetarian Menus 

2. Read about how to plan a French menu. List at least three different things you should consider when preparing a French menu.

3. Prepare your budget for your meal. You can get an idea of prices by  going to HEB to check out the sales circular.


Use my Un dîner à la française Livebinder  to help keep your project links in one place


 Evaluation- Write your estimated budget for your meal




Plat Principal













Plat Principal












Task #2


Go to  Type in 75007 for zip code

You are planning a lunch for you and three of your friends. You are making the healthy meal you planned previously. Find the items your need at Houra. Copy and paste your basket into the word document.

Evaluation- Reflection

What did you learn today?
What I liked about these exercises...
What I didn't like about these exercises...

Which exercise did you like the best and why?
What I would do differently....