French II Foods and quantities
French II Foods and quantities part 2

French IIIAP penpal letter and travel

Creating a proposal for your travel destination and penpal letter


Download the document so that you can read all of the attached files:   Download Computer Lab French3P 3.18 version 2

First, you will have  20 minutes to upload your penpal letter. This is a MAJOR grade!

Next, you will begin your travel destination proposal . This is due NEXT Wednesday



By now, you should have:

  • Selected your travel location
  • Found a round trip flight to your destination


Your tasks

  1. To create a budget for your trip
  2. To create a Powerpoint to defend your travel location.

This is due by  next WEDNESDAY


  1. 1.       Creating a budget:

First, view the embedded video and decide what your budget should be



  1. 2.       Creating the Powerpoint

You will:

  • Slide 1: Cover slide with picture and a descriptive phrase to entice the reader. See the example on the next page
  • Slide 2: Describe your trip. Example: Pour un séjour  de 15 jours  en France, (au Maroc, en Bretagne, en Suisse) le prix moyen du vol allez-retour depuis les Etats Unis est de ______ (include Euros and dollars. You can convert at  et le budget moyen par jour est de ______ (include Euros and dollars)
  • Slides 3- 7) Use  the conditional  to tell what kinds of things you could do or see there. Example: À Paris, on  visterait la Tour Eiffel...  French III, create 3 slides. French AP create  5 slides. You should have photo from each section as well as your text.
  • Slide 6/8: Budget: Write the categories and totalf of your budget in dollars and Euros
  • Final slide:  List all sources you used for your Powerpoint. 


See the attached files in the original document


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