French I Fall Semester Exam Review
French III/AP Penpal activity and Semester Exam Review

French II Semester 1 Exam Review

Jared Sherbel, a former student, took this photo during the semester he lived in Paris as a teaching assistant in a French lycée


Objectives: By the end of the period, you will be prepared to take your semester exam.

  1. You are expected to work until I tell you it's time to log off.
  2. You are to work on AUTHORIZED sites only.  Unauthorized sites are:  music, sports, Skyward during class time, etc.)  You may visit Skyward ONLY when I let you know that it's time.
  3. Anyone needing to complete a writing test will take it now.


You can download the final review here here

Download French II Semester Exam Review Fall 2013 version 2


Websites- Consult the following websites for online practice.  

Classzone – Flashcards and online workbook  

French Conjugation

 Quia and Quizlet

 BBC French



Mylo languages

Mylo languages


Noël - Last 15  minutes of class!


BBC French ChristmasBBC French Christmas

Atelier de Noël : Right click and open in a new window ! You will find various activities in French.  In your word document, make a screen shot of the activities you have completed (try at least three)

Jeux de Noël: Right click and open in a new window

Activités Noël Activités Noël

Allrecipes France Noël All Recipes France Noël  

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