Open House 2013
French II 29 Octobre: Transportation - Driving in France

La Routine Quotidienne French II- 9 Octobre


Objective- To use reflexive verbs to describe one's daily routine

Pre- Activity-Open a Word document and log into Edmodo


  1. Download the Word document so that you can see the screenshot (for Edmodo)
  2. Watch the Daily routine quiz which is embedded in Edmodo.
  3. Take the daily routine quiz
  4.  Open a Word document and save to your H drive. Practice conjugating reflexive verbs at Practice with  at lease 7 verbs.  Do a screen shot of your score  CTRL+ PRTSC (print  screen) and paste into your Word document.
  5. Navigate to the Routine Quotidienne Livebinders
  6. Click on the second link on the reflexive verbs tab.  Complete the top activity then copy and paste into your Word document.
  7. Shopping at Houra:- On the Livebinders page, click on the  Personal care/Authentic reading tab. Then click on the Boutique-Hygiene tab. Put in the zipcode 75007 to access the page.  You will need to purchase at least  60 euros worth of  personal care items. Place the items in your basket (panier). Do a screen shot of the final basket and paste into your Word document



  1. Tell what you will do with the items: Ex. Je me brosse les dents avec le  bain de bouche Listerine, la brosse à dents Cora, et le dentifrice Colgate . Type this in your Word document under your shopping basket.
  2. Upload the file to today’s post.


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