La Routine Quotidienne French II- 9 Octobre
French I Fall Semester Exam Review

French II 29 Octobre: Transportation - Driving in France

2013-04-07 10.21.22

French II  Computer Lab 29 Octobre


Objectives: To practice vocabulary for cars and driving



  1. Sign into Edmodo
  2. Sign into Quizlet
  3. Open a Word document  to take notes on today’s assignment. You will not upload this to Edmodo.  Copy and paste the following. Reflection section. You will post this as a comment today.


  1. On the Pedal Dancer site I learned the following three things:
  2. On the Road signs page I learned the following three things:
  3. Which of the Quizlet vocabulary sets did you like and why? Which ones did you not like and why?
  4. Which of the Quia games did you like and why? Which ones did you not like and why?
  5. What went really well today was:
  6. What I would do differently is:
  7. I can improve my comprehension of car vocabulary by:


  1. Vocabulary:  Livebinders: Go to the Livebinders  Transportation site   and go to the Cars and Driving tab.

Visit the following tabs (remember the links are already in Livebinders)

  1.   Listen to and practice the vocabulary
  2.  : Read the article and note three things you learned about driving in France
  3.   Observe the road signs and note any differences
  4. Practice the following Quizlet cards sets: Study and then play the games. Who will be the high scorer?
  5. Quiz: Practice the following games:


  1. Complete the reflection and paste as a comment to today’s post.


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