French I Semester Exam Review Day 1
French I Semester 2 Exam Review Day 2

Quand j'étais petit(e)1

Objective: To talk about what you did in the past using the imperfect tense


Oui, c' est moi quand j' étais petite!


What was life like when you were little? What did you do? Who were your friends? Where did you live?

To describe these events, you will need to use the impefect tense.



Objective: To understand the uses of the imperfect, to recognize its forms, and to conjugate verbs in the imperfect

1. Imperfect description- View the  video and write a summary in English of the video on a word document

 2. View the second  video and write a summary in English of the video your Word document


3. Use

to find the imperfect forms of:

To live

To read

To listen to

To play

To like

To detest


4. Review the imperfect terms on Quia

5. Complete the matching activity

6. Complete the following Padlet activities: 




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