French I- Clothing review
French I Semester Exam Review Day 1

French II- Quelle journée! Past tense


First, log into Edmodo. You will complete the six question quiz at the end of the period to receive credit for today's lab.

Test tomorrow- Your test will be from 30-40 items. 

You should be able to:

1. Understand if someone has made a good or bad grade (listening)

2. Identify activities in the past (listening)

3. Understand if someone is giving sympathy, reprimanding, or congratulating someone (listening)

4. Read about activities in the past

5. Select the correct forms of the passé composé with avoir and être (aller, arriver, partir, sortir, tomber only)


Pre-activity- Spend a few moments reviewing the following Allez-viens flashcard sets


I. Past tense review Allez Viens- Complete all of the activities on the Allez Viens page

II- Passé composé review

III- Alternative Paris


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