French II: Un weekend à Paris
French II- Quelle journée! Past tense

French I- Clothing review



Log into Edmodo. To receive credit for today's lab activity, you must answer ALL six  questions from the Quiz posted to Edmodo. To submit the quiz, be sure you check on "Turn in"

Keep track of the names of favorite activities today. You will need them for the quiz at the end of the period.


TEST TOMORROW: You should be able to:

1. Understand when someone is describing clothing

2. Tell whether a salesperson or a customer is speaking

3. Tell whether someone likes or dislikes clothing

4. Read and understand descriptions of clothing.

There will be 30-40 questions on the test. The test will be reading and listening. We will have a writing assessment after the STARR exam


I- Review of functions and vocabulary

Chapter 10 Allez Viens- Complete ALL activities and the self test.

II.  Clothing and grammar games- Complete all activities

III- Buying clothes


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