Creating your personal learning environment (PLE)
French III/AP Pronoun practice

Lab 16 janvier- PLE and vocabulary practice


You will need to sign into Edmodo. Review the username formula  in yesterday’s post. WRITE THIS DOWN! Taking responsibility for your learning means that you keep up with your passwords and logins.  USE THE SAME PASSWORD THAT YOU USE TO LOG INTO THE NETWORK!

Objectives- To organize study materials

Task #1- Joining Quizlet group.

In Edmodo, you will see the link for joining the Quizlet group. When creating your username, use the username and password formula we use for everything  DO NOT CREATE  ANOTHER USERNAME!


Task #2- Practicing places to go vocabulary

Complete the card set s

Let’s see who has the high score for these activities!


Task #3  Adding content to Netvibes PUBLIC  PAGE

You should have ten ORIGINAL modules added to your  Netvibes  page. You should have a mix of activities to practice

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Reference
  • Media (videos, music, ebooks, movies, etc.)

You will print out your page by Wednesday and you will identify the type of activities you can do at each site.


Task #4  Printing out Diigo bookmarks

Print out your five bookmarks from Diigo. Make sure you have tagged your sites! Use the Diigolet to make it easier to tag your items

Task #4 Complete survey  (see the link in Edmodo)


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