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September 2012

French II Unité 1 Test Review 26 septembre

Quimiac, France

Log into  Edmodo, Quia, and open classzone. You will complete the activities  from Edmodo. Be sure to complete the survey at the end of the period.

You will need to be logged into Edmodo to see the links for today's lesson. Your username is first name+first letter of last intial+ student ID. Johnt55555. Use the same password to log into the network. Come see me if you have issues.

Activities for today:

1. Quizlet flashcards

2. 3 Quia activities (log into Quia first)

3. Classzone online workbook Leçon 2 Unité 1

4. Google survey.


French III/AP Mon Appartement

Immeuble 4

Log in to Edmodo to complete the assigments

Je me présente


Create a blog entry in which  you introduce yourself in French by giving the following. Add a few pictures to add visual interest. Be sure to cite your sources for the photos.

  • Your French first and last name
  • Your nationality
  • What city and country you are from
  • Your brothers and sisters and how old they are
  • What your passions are


Send a message to Edmodo with the link to your Blogspot blog and blog entry.



Mon Appartement


Follow the instructions to find your apartment in Paris.

Using the student examples, create your blog entry. Be sure to add pictures and to cite your sources. Send a message to Emdodo with a link to your blog entry

French I Unité 1 Review

Café Tribeca

Objectives: To review for tomorrow's test

  • Sign into your Edmodo account. Remember that your username is your first name, last initial plus your student id number. Use the same password you use to log into the computer network. Remember that you wrote these down!
  • Sign into your Quia account and to  assigments for today
  • Be sure that you submit each assignment via Edmodo and Quia!
  • Remember you should review one your own as well!
  • Reread all notes culturelles and other cultural information for each lesson.

Complete the assignments in this order:

  1. Quizlet flashcards Unité 1
  2. Quia activities: (right click and open these in a new window)
  3. Classzone Leçon 1 and 2  workbook exercises
  4. Google Survey (see link in Edmodo)

French II 6 september Review activities

Café Le Flore


To  describe yourself to others- Complete the following activities


1. Quizlet:

review the flashcards and play the games

2. Quia- Sign into Quia and complete the following activities

Select two activities of your own

3. Go to Edmodo and complete the survey



French I 9 septembre: Numbers, greetings, classroom survival terms

Chocolate in Belgiuim



Counting from 1-20

Classroom survival language



Complete the following activities in this order: * Open all links in a new tab

  1. Practicing greetings- Se saluer: To se the instructions of the activity, hover your mouse over the instructions box. Complete the activities
  2. Counting from 1-20  Il y a combien de…
  3. Fais le numéro
  4. Quizlet classroom commands- Practice the flashcards (you can hear the words pronounced by clicking on the sound icon), Complete the study, learn, scatter and space race activities.
  6. Take the quiz at Edmodo
  7. Take the Google docs survey via  Edmodo

French I- Pourquoi Apprendre le Français

Remember that your project is due on Friday, September 7

Here is an example of a student created project:

Photo Sep 05, 12 31 03 PM
Photo Sep 05, 12 31 19 PM

Photo Sep 05, 12 31 33 PM

Photo Sep 05, 12 31 37 PM









Encore un Effort!


S’il te plâit...


Completion of assignment

Has more than three  items in the categories of



  Long Term Goals

Has at least three items in the categories of



 Long Term Goals

Has at least  two items in the categories of



 Long Term Goals

Has fewer than two items in the categories of



  Long Term Goals


Poster is neat and free of errors and extra effort was taken to type the  project

Poster is neat and free of errors

Poster has one error

Poster has two or more errors


Poster is extremely creative and goes above and beyond the requirements of the assignment

Poster is creative and completes the requirements of the assignment

Poster is moderately creative

No attempt at creativity was attempted


The finished product reflects considerable effort above and beyond the requirements of the assignment

(Special effort was made to use special paper, visuals, fonts, and is typed.

The finished product reflects adequate effort

(On required paper, adequate visuals)

The finished product reflects minimal effort

On required paper, minimal visuals)


Assignment done at the last minute and not on poster board (On notebook paper and turned in as a last ditch effort)


Total points




Why should one learn French? You are going to create a poster to give a visual representation of why you are learning French. You will include at LEAST

  • 16/16 -100

    15/16- 94

    14/16- 88

    13/16- 81

    12/16- 75

    11/16- 69

    10/16- 62

    3 objectives
  • 3 reasons of motivation
  • 3 SMART goals


S pecific: Who? What? Where?

M easurable: How will the goal be measured?

A ttainable: Is the goal realistic, yet challenging?

R esults-oriented: Is the goal consistent with other goals established and fits with your immediate and long-range plans?

T ime-bound: Is it trackable and allows for monitoring of progress?


Example: I want to be able to count to 1000 and know the alphabet by the end of the second nine weeks.


  • (* Note that to receive credit in the excellent category you must have MORE than three objectives, reasons of motivation and goals. You should also include pictures on your poster.


This project is due Friday, September 7, 2012  Extra credit options:



This project is worth one daily grade for process (if the project is not turned in on time, the points will be taken from the process grade), and a MAJOR grade for product.  The extra credit points will be added to the process portion of the grade.

________ +2 (4) Points: Turned in early (before school starts or the day before (4) )

________ +2 Points: Presented before class



French II C'est parti!

Basin at honfleur


Objective: To sign up for class accounts

1. Using the handout I have given you, sign up for your Edmodo account. Remember to use the username template!

2. Next, sign up for your account at

3. Go to Quia and sign up for the online account. Complete the activity, then take the quiz.

4. Fill out the username Googledoc form to track your accounts. Be sure to write your usenames. Use the same password that you use to sign into the network.