French I 5 septembre: C'est parti!
French II C'est parti!

Français III/AP Account signup

Objective: To sign up for class accounts

1. Using the handout I have given you, sign up for your Edmodo account. Remember to use the username template!

2. Go to Quia and sign up for the online account. Complete the activity, then take the quiz.

3. Fill out the username Googledoc form to track your accounts. Be sure to write your usenames. Use the same password that you use to sign into the network.

4. Complete the survey on the Edmodo site.

5. Sign up for an account at Live Mocha

5. Brainstorm vocabulary needed for your role play. Remember that your role play should have a beginning, and middle, and an end. Use the tools on Edmodo to work together on your dialogue.


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