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French III/AP Recording to Audacity

French I Independent Practice: La Musique : 10 mai


Objective: To practice French on your own

Pre-activity: What kind of music do you like?

Activity: Visit and evaluate the following websites:

1.  Ma France Evaluate at least two modules here

2. Langues de France - Hover your mouse over the small bubbles and the map to hear the different types of music. Which one is your favorite?

3. TV5 Monde: Franche Connexion Look at three different artists interviewed here. Which is your favorite?

4. Chansons- Explore two websites from each section. Which one is your favorite?

Post activity: Give your evaluation of each of the websites on a 1 to 10 scale. Tell why you gave the website the score you did. Which was your favorite? Least favorite? Write your responses as a reply to today's post.





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1) : I REALLY like this because I can use this at home and teach my brother easily everyday, and it has a lot of useful phrases and grammar and vocabulary 
2) : A very interesting site, now I can see all the French-speaking countries, their music, clothing, and where their countries’ natural landscapes are.
3) : This seems modern, and I like modern, and it has a lot of information on French music, even some of my favorite genres, and my sister would appreciate using this site, too (I kind of made her a French-music fanatic) 
4) : Again, this site also has many great references to audio and music about and in French I can use for my personal practice at home (and my sister and brother’s). Learning French would be a lot more fun than I had first expected before I was introduced to the language.

Merci beaucoup, Madame, pour (the useful sites) :3

The learn French is my favorite out of all the websites. The second done with the boats and things I didn’t like so much. The other website TV5 Monde is ok but I wish you can hear the songs on it with the different artist on it. Chanson I didn’t like at all it was just not I guess I should say learnable. To me it wasn’t very helpful at all. The one that is the best in learn French it has everything you need at the same time you can still have some fun on it.

This was good it gave us a chance to learn about french music and learn more french vocab ,also more french websites d-_-b

I liked this website as it gave you incite on different cultures and music preferences. Id give this a 7 out of 10 as I liked it but I’m sure there were more music styles they could have put on here

I listened to these 3 artists:
1) mustang
2) imany
3) L Raphaele Lannadere

All were good but I didn’t particularly like mustang and L Raphaele Lannadere. I did however like Imany.

I think that the learn French website would help a lot because it it gives you phrases you can use it pronounces the words for you so that it will be easier for you and it gives you song to help you learn which to me helps a lot because learning is easier when its put in a song-6

Les langues de france en chansons I think that its really cool how you can listen to such a variety of music on one website and that they actually talk to the artist-8

Tv5monde this website was very entertaining it helped me to learn about different artist and actually get to see the their interviews which I like because I love to see artist do interviews

Chansons I didn’t really like this website because it didn’t really catch my attention when i first got on so I really wasn’t into it and its sort of boring its something I wouldn’t really want to use often-3

Heddah Enad, 1st Period.

I don’t really like the Learn French webpage because I tried listening to Frere Jacque (that’s one of my favorite child hood songs) & it wouldn’t let me so I give it a 1.

. Langues de France I liked listening to the songs, it showed numerous cultural songs and they’re fun to listen to especially the Kreyol one. 8

TV5 Monde, I like Imony because she seemed so down to earth and her music is calming and peaceful

1: 7- because it will help me with my french over summer.
2:5-let me listen to french music from all over
3: 8-Allowed me to listen to more french artist
4:4- Helpful Video clips and activites

Review for French

Learn French: How to use this site: Score: 5 this site received the score of 5 because it’s helpful but it’s not easy to discover, it took me awhile to find it and if I was to get on this site at home, I probably would of never looked for the how to use this site icon, I believe the icon should be this first seen once entering the webpage.
Langues de France: Arabe Dialectal: Score: 10 I loved the French metropolitaine music because it sound somewhat like I hip hop I really enjoyed the beats of his music, it had me dancing in my seat, over all I love the website also the music really at the beginning really caught my attention.
TV5 Monde: Franche Connexion: Imany #9 Score: 9 I really enjoyed listening to her music because she can sing both in English and French which I believe to be a very great quality. She lived in New York before so maybe that’s why she has such an ability to sing in two languages.
:Babet #1 Score:7 Since babet was number 1 on the list I wanted to see why she gained that spot, and I now see why, many French people like artists that play the guitar almost 80% of the artists interviewed played some time of instrument most played the guitar, although she’s very talented she’s not my favorite so she got the score of 7 from me.
Chansons: Une chanson de Carla Bruni: Score: 10 I loved this website because you got to listen to music and fill in the missing words to the lyrics. It included the audience and I enjoyed participating.

1-6 because i couldnt hear the song :(
2-9 because i liked hearing the music from all over the world

Even though I was not able to watch videos on Learn Videos.Com the website’s organization and the segment for essential French vocabulary will make this website helpful to anyone wanting to, not only maintain their French but make it better as well.
Langues de France was a new experience, to see that in one language that there are so many different musical styles really made me realize that French really is more than just France.Tell em Ben Sharpa on Monodomix America can’t have all the spotlight.Dansons lack messy organization made it really difficult and disinteresting to be on.

I enjoyed listening to Alsacien- France metropolitaine and Creole Guadeloupeen- Departement d’outre-Mer on On TV5MONDE Amandine Bourgeois reminded me a lot of Amy Winehouse. Something that intrigued me was Housse de Racket it is a two person group Victor le Masne and Pierre Leroux. They are a House , Pop type of group. Pierre plays the guitar and Victor plays the piano. Their most recent album Alesia was released in August of last year. On Chansons I listened to Cheb Khaled. The song I listened to, C’est la nuit, was very laid back and old school R&B he reminded me of Luther Vandross.

Learn French - 7 even though we could not hear music I’m sure it is a good learning tool

Langues de France - 9 the songs showed the cultural differences in French music

Franche Connexion 10 best music of all of the websites and the most modern
6 -Manu Chao: "Je ne t'aime plus" – 6the websight was ok but it was confusing to know how to use it.
Chansons - 5-Le cinéma en cours de FLE – it was okay if I were able to understand it but that’s not really the websites fault
My favorite was Franche Connection because it was the most fun to listen to and it was the most modern

I really like the Langues de France because of the pictures and the different type of music it plays.

I didn’t like the Learn French because I couldn’t listen to the songs.

The Franche connexion singer Imany was really good. I enjoyed listening to her music.

Karyn Aguneri
1st period

Learn French: is not very interesting because you can’t really listen to any music on the site, or watch videos. Rate - 2

Langues de France: is very interesting. I like how whenever you enter the site music starts playing, and I also like the music they have on there. Rate - 8

TV5 Monde: Franche Connexion - It’s a really cool website, but it’s kind of confusing. Rate - 9

Chansons: it’s very boring, and you can’t really do anything but read lyrics. Rate

I didnt really like the websites. TVMode thing was theonly on that really sparked a slight bit of interest.

the least one i liked was Langue de france en chansons because it didn't have very much to go on for me. 2 is Moi lolita because i couldn't see it even though i wnated to to. 3 most of the chansons didn't work so i couldn't see. i don't have 10 to go on a 1-10 scale so my favorite 3 from 8-10.8 i liked lerning french because it gave a lot of insight about the oerson running the site and a little bit of everything that conserns french. 9 Langues des france was cool because it gave info of the differnt french cultures and music. i even learned now things about the them like yiddish music. 10 T.V monde because the web site colors were nice to look at and even though the music was not much to my taste, the best band i saw was Shaka Ponk. all in all it was very fun to surf the sites and learn somthing new in the process

I liked all the sites but of my favorite was TV5Monde and the artist I liked was Amandine Bourgeois.I guess I like TV5Monde because its more mordern and the music I like.

On the first one i wasnt able to hear the songs, but i could read the vocab and pronunciation. On the second one i loved hearing the different kinds of music from all over the world. I liked the Arabic music the most.

The first: website I score it a 5 it was okay
the second : i would rank it a 8 because it gave alot of french music
the third: a 7 I like the music
The fourth: i give it a 7 it has alot of french music links helped me understand their view of the song. I give it an 8.5 for a rating.
My favorite artist is Imany was very interactive and ib got to hear a lot of different music like Yiddish. I give it an 9 out of 10 is like a French cnn.

i really only like TV5Monde,the music on TV5 was good,i particulary didnt like the music on the 2nd site because it sounded older and different
and the ones on the other sites were okay.

Diane Squire- 5/10/12

Langues de France rate:10! This was an amazing site with pictures, information and music!
It loved listening to Yiddish music! The rhythms were fun to follow to.
I also loved this music. It was very up-beat and brings a richness to the culture.
This was very interesting. It sounds similar to the Mexican music that I like to listen to.

TV5 Monde: Franche Connexion rate: 8 This website was very interactive, it had information on lots of very good artist. Theri music was also played.
Raphaële Lannadère
Her voice is very nice to listen to, and her music is creative and cultural. She seams very nice and passionate about music.

Chansons rate: 6 This website had a variye of very good websites and some not very good ones.

This website was my favorite because it was very interactive and easy to go through. Music played of which ever artist you were looking at. Also these artists are categorized by the type of music they sing (with the colored boxes next to their name). It had a paragraph about the artist as well.

Les chansons de Noel
This website was not as good. There was colors and pictures that made it look interesting, but it was hard to navigate through. Also I had troble finding music here.

acoustic avec fortamta diarwara is a interesting band with three guys and a girl lead singer whose good at singing ,also a good drummer and guitar player and agreat learning experience
from tvmonde musique

1) on the first one because it looked like a good learning site, even though we couldn’t watch the videos, but ill be sure to watch the videos at home!

2) on the second one because it’s a great music site. The where so many different styles of music and cultures on that site, and with all the info about them made it a great learning site.

3) on the third one because it also has a bunch of different styles of French that I saw which made it a great site to listen to some French music.

4) this site also has many great references to audio and music with French I can listen and practice while I am home

brikitta hairston website was pretty enjoyable because of the different videos it had on clothees,shopping,cooking and the speed dating video was funny. website was cool because of the scroll over type setting it had and it allowed me to listen to all kinds of music that i never come across. liked this sitebecause of all the different interviews igot to listent o and new artists i got to discover. didnt really enjoy this site because the video sites had trouble loading and wouldn't play,but i got to browse over some of the other stuff which was a little benificial.

The Ma France activities were interesting to watch, especially when I saw the video where they went shopping. I had never seen a credit card be charged like that. It helped show the culture of France. This website deserves a 7.

My favorite song from Langues de France would have to be Balagora by André Minivielle. It was interesting as well. This website deserves a 10. Very cool and very cultural. It was really amazing to see all the different music.

My favorite artist was definitely Mustang. I like the sound of it and the vibe that the music set off. TV5MONDE deserves a full 10. It was easy to navigate to and neatly put together.

My favorite website can’t be determined because the links weren’t opening up and when they did, they weren’t very important. The website Chansons deserves a 3.

I like the website Ma France, their games were fun and the videos were nice. The Langues de France website had some interesting music. It was like a sad movie. I enjoyed the website TV5 Mode: Franche Connexion! Their videos and music was entertaining. I liked the website Chansons, their artist on their were very good.

i really injoyed the langues de france i injoyed listening to diffrent type of music all over the world.i also injoyed tv.monde all the diffrent artist that are bilinguale. i liked watching ma france and getting to see what people do on a daily basis like going to the store or bieng home schooled.

All the sites were great! It was one that stood out the most; that was the tv5monde. It stood out because the music was not so much different from ours; and I really like this one group “Shaka Ponk” who reminds me of “Green Day” who I like. So this helped me see interested in another group; I’m going home to download this on my itunes . –Tim J 2nd period

ma france was fun to watch it tought me diffrent things about france.language de france was fun i like to hear deleyaman sing because its cool.on tv monde i like to listen to mina she can sing really well. so todays lesson was really fun to do

1. Ma France- I’ll give it a 9/10 because I liked how the videos had both French and English subtitles so I could understand it, and learn new words.
2. Langues de France- This one was interesting to learn the different French dialects, and their music. It gets an 8.5/10
3. Tv5 Monde: Franche Connexion- I liked how this one was all about the music and got to here some new music artists like Mary Elue. It gets a 9.5/10 so it”s my favorite
4. Chansons- I didn’t really like this one at all, it was pretty unorganized and unappealing to me. It gets 4/10 so it’s my least favorite

I like that we got to listen to music of our choice while we were doing our work. I liked the flash card/ solitary game. I liked that we got to choose what unit we wanted. I loved the music video website. I listened to Nadiya Amies- enniemies. I want to go home and buy that somewhere where ever I can find it (:

I like Ma France it really helps b/c instead of them having everything set up where you have to do it they let you pick whatever your having trouble in and it really helps. I went over the vocab & videos and did a couple of the quizzes and did well on them. If we did this most of the time I could learn more quicker then I already am. Going through all the units really helped refresh my brain over the stuff i learned at the beggining

Dalon Breaston
2nd Period

Overall this whole activity was pretty good and I had fun on those activities like solitaire and the sentence making activity.

Also TV5 Monde had some really good music.

The Langues de Fracne had some good music as well, mainly the people with the accordion because it sounded like I could have fun dancing to it.

Chasons gave good learning information to me and it helped me with my French vocab.

Ma France is a cool site and I like the design 10

Tv5monde is ok but its really bright and i listened to mina aqossi and she really my type of artist so i give this site a 6

I didn’t like languages des France because it didn’t have any interesting details 3

-Desmond W
2nd period

I liked ma france because the videos would give you subtitlish and french. the subtiles helped you understand what you were saying if you misunderestood something. plus the videos taught you more about the certain subject if you havent understood it before. Like i thought nly in the us we had speed dating but they have it Lyons,france.

TV5 Monde was my favorite website because not only did they just post French artists, they had quizes and information on American artist like Micheal Jackson. The music on the site was very fresh and new I especially enjoyed the band "Shaka Ponk". Ma France covered a variety of subjects and topics that were very interesting and helpful in learning French, although TV5 Monde was my favorite I believe that Ma France is more useful when your learning not only the language of French, but the country as well.

The web site Ma France I would give a seven. Reason is because is did give a more modern feel it was little to fast. The Other was Languages de France I would give it a five. becasue though the music was intersting i just wasn't use it.

Hector Iglesias
2nd period

I really like coming to the computer lab its fun and very helpful in our learning process. Ma France was a very useful website the games it had were very fun and helpful, the flash cards helped me with the past verbs.
TV5 Monde is awesome the music they had is amazing.

Module Reviews
Allison Hermes:

Ma France: The first video I watched on Ma France, was about a film crew trying to find their hotel. It touched on directions. I would rate it about a 7. I knew the simple vocabulary that we had leaned but they were using a lot of vocabulary we didn’t learn. However, it evened out because I had both the English and French Subtitles on so I could see what they were saying and how to say it.

Ma France: The second video I watched was about things in your room. Again I would rate it a 7 out of 10. I knew a fair amount of vocabulary but they did use some that was above my level. However, again it evened out for me because of the subtitles in both French and English.

Langues de france chansons: When I first visited this website I was a bit confused as to what to do because it was all in French and I just started to click on things. Though, I ended up looking at this artist whose name was Kreyole and got to listen to some of the music that was native to her and it was really cool.

I really like listen to the dating in French because the way they do their dating service it kind of similar to the way in the U.S.A. . There a new dating service in Paris called turbo dating it for people that work a lot and do not have time to socialize so they can go turbo dating and meet up to talk to ten people in ten minutes it quick fun maybe if I am lucky enough I can visit Paris and try turbo dating.

The videos I watched were about eating out, and dating. They were very helpful they were fluent French speakers speaking how they normally would.

The second website was interesting, and I liked the different kinds of music there was.

My favorite artists were Housse De Racket and “L”.

Kiana A.P
3rd period

BBC Languages French
• I like how when you watch the video you get subtitles in both English and French. Also, if you feel that you’re confident in understanding then you can easily click the subs off.
• It’s nice that the people in the videos speak slowly enough to where you can actually understand and identify what’s being said.

Langues de France
• Arabe dialectal
o The sound of the singing is pretty nice; however it’s a bit hard to exactly understand a lisp of what they’re saying.
• Judeo-espagnol
o The rhythm is very nice and the way the words are being sung is very beautiful. (a bit loud, but nonetheless beautiful)
• L’armenien
o It’s a lot different than the usual music I listen to, the way it’s being sung, you’d think you’re in a cathedral or something.
• Le Yiddish
o Not my cup of tea to listen to really. A little boorish, but hey, someone’s liking it.
• Le berbere
o Some of the songs are kind of awesome, but I wouldn’t really listen to them for very long.
• Le romani
o I thought it’d sound…different, but I digress. Still not my favorite to listen to.

• #5 Bertrand Belin
o His voice is very pretty and deep, which I was not expecting. I love the way his guitar sounds, very clear and smooth.
• #10 Mustang
o I’m going to go with a no on this group. Their music just doesn’t appeal to me, and I’d rather not be bothered with it. The drummer guy is still kind of cute though.

• To be completely, openly, truthfully honest, none of the links to the artists’ websites (or what have you) interest me in the slightest. In fact, most of them are down right boring to look at. Maybe I’m being harsh?.........nah.

And that's MY opinion.

The Ma France helped me alot. The videos were good with the questions through out it so it made me really focus on everything said. The activities were really good and helped me learn how to put certain scentences together.

I thought that this activity was fun. I played solitare and lingo... i think that was the name of it. but this was a very good experience.

Learn French – I didn’t really like this website because it was difficult for me to keep up with the people talking, but I liked that I learned some new phrases from the videos.

Langues de France – I probably enjoyed the l’arabe music the most cause it had a song I really liked. His voice sounded fresh. It was good, most of the other music sounded weird. I also liked the ones that sounded like reggae a bit.

Tv5monde- omg. I really liked the band Shaka Ponk. They make really good music; well I really liked the song I heard. I really really really liked it. I also watched the Housse de racket. At the beginning of the interview, they did some acoustic and I really like acoustic so it was pretty cool. And this was my favorite website.

Chansons – I didn’t really like this website at all because it was confusing and I really couldn’t find a useful website that I enjoyed like tv5monde.

I think that the first website was ok and some of the videos helped and the french was spoken clearly, so i would say a 7/10
The second website was kinda of interesting I liked the Berbère the best so i would give it a 7/10
On the 3rd website no of the artists were that great so 4/10
And i didnt really like any on the 4th.

Malhorie Del Rosario 3rd period
BBC- Ma France
• I liked watching the videos from Ma France. Especially Directions and Shopping.
• For the direction I liked the first video because it put all the things we learned in class together in the video. Like asking for directions, saying road names, saying turn right or turn left.
• For the shopping I liked video A and C because for A it shows how different stores are from one another. I also liked C because it talked about money, which helped me more to understand money.
Langues de France
• I liked this website cause it opened me up to different types of music and it was very interesting.
• UI loved this so much I loved Imany cause her songs actually mean something and its not like she just put it together like its no big deal

Ma France:
Directions and Languages were the ones that I watched.
Directions: I liked video A because it was all about asking for directions to get to a certain place and it reminded me of what to say to achieve that. I also liked Video C because it showed that even non-French speakers could speak.
Languages: I liked video B because it shows how this couple’s difficulty with the French language, however showing that they overcame it. I also liked Video A because they asked the family questions about their personal talents and reminded me about family names.
Langues de France:
Music I like the most: Les langues d’oil
Music I like the least: Le Guyane
TV5 Monde:
Favorite Artist: #10 Mustang
Favorite Website: La chanson en cours de FLE

I liked Ma France, I would give it a 6 rating because the videos reminded me a lot, I also liked Langues de France because I loved hearing the different kinds of music with a rating of 7. I also liked TV5 Monde because it allowed me to hear great artists perform and talk about their music rating 7. I did not like Chansons at all, it was very hard to navigate and a lot of the websites were not good rating 1

I love TV5MONDE because it let me listen to all the differnt cultures in french. Also BBC because it told me how they buy houses and all differnt kinds of sports

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