French I 8 février: Speaking Lingt Language
French II Asking for, offering food

Writing a film review- French III and AP

 Asia francophnie


1. Be sure that you can log onto your wikspace page.

2. Open a Word document so that you can type your review and paste it into your wikispace page. Change the language into French so that you can take advantage of the spell check and grammar in French.


I.  After typing your review, paste  your review onto your Wikispace page . Highlight all masculine verbs with blue and all feminine verbs with red. 

2. You will read and respond to TWO reviews.   Check for subject/verb agreement and use the color green to make any corrections. Sign your name in green at the bottom of the review.  Use purple to check for  adjective agreement sign your name at the bottom of the review in purple. Make any corrections needed.

3. Go to Mon Allociné to create an account so that you can write your review. DO NOT use the Facebook option! Use your French name to create your account

4. Copy and paste your review into the following link for Indochine.

5. Link your reviews to the Indochine pages on Wikispaces



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Ma French- 2 Modules Evaluation

I like the first module because it has a Video Map so you can easily pick what you want to look at. I rate this a 9/10 since it is better then most of the others.

2nd Module- Unit 7-12/ House Buying

I’ll give the 2nd module a 4/10 because in my personal opinion it was not better then the others and I didn’t quite understand it well.

Langues de France - Favorite Music

Alsacien- France Metropolititaine is in my opinion the best kind of music there. I like it because it’s not too classic and it’s pretty good compared too other songs.

TV5 Monde - Franche Connexion – Favorite Artist

#10- The Mustang I like them because they look cool and and their song “ Tabou “ is not so bad. This is my favorite artist.

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