French I Leçon 13: Getting around town
French II- Talking about music

Turbo Dating avec Ma France



Do not open Skyward! We have too much to do. You can check

your grades on your OWN time!


Objective: Talking about Turbo dating


  1. Make sure that your headset is ready to record. Do a sound check first

  2. Read the directions on how to use Lingt Language Tools 



Lingt Language/BBC Ma France

1. Follow the directions for the following activity at Lingt Language

French III   You will complete Partie 1 and Partie 2

2. Complete the following activities: You will complete Partie 1 and Partie 2

French AP

 Post activity- Evaluation

Two stars and a wish- Be sure you have included your evaluation of your activities today in today's post. You will tell what two things went well and what you would do differently.









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Turbo dating comedy episode wins Mobile Shortfilm Festival MoFilm

Today's activities were fun and interesting. not that hard but it reinforced what i already knew and what i should learn.

I really enjoyed the activities, especially the games parce que I was able to practice moi vocabulaire and really understand their meanings in a sentence. I made an 88% on two activities, and an 46% on one of them, showing me that I need more practice with placing my verbs in a sentence. I wished to have had more time to practice these games. :)

I have to work more on my understanding of the vocabulary...

The games were great practice for the vocabulary; and I feel like I know the words better now. The videos with the subtitles using the vocabulary was very helpful as well. The quizzes were easy. I wouldn't do anything differently, because today went well.
-Latifa Dupont

These activities were really fun! The videoes were very interesting and they helped alot with my vocabulary.

* These activities were good for refreshing what we learned yesterday.
*Watching the video of the organizer showed a different perspective.
I wish there had been more speaking.

i really enjoyed the activites that was the best part of it all. !!! they are fun and the people talk really funny! :)

I had fun doing this, for once I actually did it :)I liked the choice and the amount of time still allotted some talking but not to much...

I really liked the email activity because we used the words in context,a dn also the soliatire game because it helped me with vocabulary. I wish we could of done more interactive verbal activites, but I still enjoyed it!

The activities were helpful and it helped me with my with my vocabulary.

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