Writing a film review- French III and AP
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French II Asking for, offering food



Do not open Skyward! We have too much to do. You can check

your grades on your OWN time!

Objective: Asking for, offering food


  1. Make sure that your headset is ready to record. Do a sound check first

  2. Read the directions on how to use Lingt Language Tools 


Activity: Recording your interview on Lingt Language

1. Read the general directions before  recording:

Asking for, offering, and accepting food

One portion of your French meal scrapbook project requires that you teach family members how to ask,  offer, and accept food. This will help you practice. You will submit at the end of the activity.

2. Click on  Asking, offering, and accepting food to beging recording. Remember you must give permission to allow access to your microphone.

3. First, you will listen by clicking on the blue bubble. To record, click on the grey bubble once to begin recording and then a second time when you are finished recording.

4.  When you are ready to submit your assignment, type in your first and last name and class period. You do not have to put in an email.



5. You will take the practice test at Classzone for Unité 3

6. You will  review vocabulary by completing  http://www.quia.com/rr/209724.html

7. You will review quantities by completing Quantities

8. You will see how well you can know the unit by playing Rags to Riches for Unité 3

Post activity- Evaluation

Two stars and a wish- Be sure you have included your evaluation of your activities today in today's post. You will tell what two things went well and what you would do differently.

Remember to study for tomorrow's test Leçons 9-12


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I did great on the speaking lesson. I need to practice more on vocab.

We learned how to have a meal conversation

I learned new expressions when eating at the diner table, and compliments
Alicia Cooper

i liked the game rags to riches, aqnd i really enjoyed the speaking activity

I liked recording my voice and getting more practice. And how we got here your voice before we actually did it so we could hear it.

I liked how I was able to hear and correct my speaking,which helped my listening

things went really well today at the computer lab. i like the speaking activites that you created.

The recording and voice stuff was awesome, and the practice with the quiz was helpful. I think maybe nexttime we could do the speach part with a partner so we can record the conversation then hear how we sound.

This activatity was very benifical and I enjoyed hearing myself speak. This help me figure out how to develop my language skill and how I show say a sentence to make it more understandable.

the things that went really well were being able to listen to yourself and repeating. i need to pronounce better next time.

out of one of the websites that i visted tv5monde was the best, the reason why is because they have songs in english and french.some of the artist was shnkapunk,charlie winston.

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