French II Un dîner à la française Jour 2
Writing a film review- French III and AP

French I 8 février: Speaking Lingt Language


Do not open Skyward! We have too much to do. You can check

your grades on your OWN time!

Objective: Describing a favorite celebrity


  1. Make sure that your headset is ready to record. Do a sound check first

  2. Read the directions on how to use Lingt Language Tools 


Activity: Recording your interview on Lingt Language

1. Read the general directions before  recording:

Ta vedette préférée

Take a few moments to think of your favorite celebrity- chanteur/chanteuse, acteur/actrice, athlète.  You will need to be able to describe this celebrity in French


I am interviewing you for the Jeunes Francophones group and want to know some information about your favorite  star (ta vedette préférée).  Please respond to the following questions. Be sure to answer in complete sentences!

2. Click on Ma Vedette Préférée  to beging recording. Remember you must give permission to allow access to your microphone.

3. First, you will listen by clicking on the blue bubble. To record, click on the grey bubble once to begin recording and then a second time when you are finished recording.

4.  When you are ready to submit your assignment, type in your first and last name and class period. You do not have to put in an email.



5. You will review adjective agreement by completing the Rags to riches adjectives game

6. You will  review c'est vs il/elle est by completing the C'est vs. il/elle est quiz 

7. You will complete the Quiz for Unit'é 4

Post activity- Evaluation

Two stars and a wish- Be sure you have included your evaluation of your activities today in today's post. You will tell what two things went well and what you would do differently.

Remember to study for tomorrow's test Leçons 9-12





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The games were fun and I was glad I could hear my voice. However, the sound did not work at first.

I like the online quiz and Rags to Riches.

The recording worked well, but my voice was too quiet. The classzone was kind of easy, but there were alot of words i didnt know. Im finna go home and study.

The games made today it fun . I could barely hear myself through the mic though

i like the games

I liked how I could hear my own voice. And i won rags and riches. I could have spoken up a little

The Rags to Riches game is fun and helpful. I also enjoyed doing the online quizzes. I think they helped me understand what I know and also what I need to work on. The recording was really fun and it was the first time I had done that, so it was a new experience.

I didn't know the vocabulary for the online quiz. & The speaking activity was fun and easy. first period.

I like the games, but i could barly hear my voice. everything else was fine

the talking through the mic was fun, and i was able to work on what i needed to pronounce instead of thinking i was right in my head. the mini game was hard, and the thing a i had the most trouble with was quiz.

the games were fun but the recording wasnt as much

i like the games but i still have some review work to do on the vocabulary.

Chere Mme. Henderson,

C'est super! (En anglais) I think I did well with everything we have done today, excpet maybe for the Review Quiz, because I missed 6 questions, mais je pense je will do better next time! I will work hard with Quizlet, Classzone, et Quia a la maison everyday. :)

The recording went pretty well. I didn't really like how the microphone would mess up.
The online quiz was confusing but helpful.

The recording went well because I understood what it was asking and I knew how to answer. The games were also fun and they hleped me. The calsszone quiz was easy, but I need to keep studying my vocabulary.

I like the recording and rags to riches.

it was hard at first but i got used to it.


I think almost everything went well today except i may need to study a little bit.

i liked the games and the recording was fun cause it was easy

During the recording I like how I get to record my voice, but I didnt get most of the vocabulary. For the classzone test review, I think I need to practice more.

The on-line quiz made me aware that I needed more practice with negation.The recording was a cool way to test my speaking skills! I hope we do this again!Todays activities were not difficult to understand and were good to help me practice French.

I like the game rags to riches because it is fun.
Everything else was ok and i like the games.

Brikitta Hairston period 1
i enjoyed rags to riches because it is very hopeful for memorizing the correct verbs with the correct nouns. the lesson quizzes were a good refreshment to my skills and this activity heldped overall alot.

I LIKE the recording and the rags to riches. I didn't like the quiz so much.

I final got 1 million on rages to riches. the quiz was kinf of hard

i liked the decribing celebrities because i liked to hear what i sound like

Today we did voice thing and it was kinda fun but i didnt understand why we couldnt do anything else in french the lesson was ok but i didnt like it that much.

I don't really like the speaking activity because of the mic, maybe next time i can bring my own. don't really like the quiz much but rags to riches is a good activity.

I did good at Rags to Riches game, it helped me with feminine/ masculine and tenses alot.
2nd period

i like the Rags to Riches game it was fun and helped you with vocabulary.

The quiz was a little difficult for me. I like The Rags to Riches game a lot because I won.

Today was okay I guess I wasnt a huge fan of either the games or the assesment, also the screeching from the michrophones made it hard to concentrate. Though I liked this version of a speaking assesment better than having to do a memorized performence.

Malcolm Berry

The online quiz was very helpful. Both the recording activity and Rags to Riches is fun.

chichi opara 2nd period
i enjoyed the recording activity to see how well i speak french thank you madame henderson

I liked the recording and the who like sto be a millionare thing but not the 3rd activity

The games were helpful, but the recordings werent as fun.

I liked the games, and talking through the mic

The Speaking activity was easy, i understood the questions but I didnt know how to respond! But i tried my best! I liked Rags and Riches I won... OH YEAH :)

Alex Duong
Period 3

EVERYTHING WAS SO HARD! but I guess I just need to study more. Rags to Riches was fun, but it was hard too! I missed so much on that quiz. ):

I enjoyed this, j'adore aujour-dui!
Thank you Madame! I did tres bien!


Period 3

Save for the fact I was coughing up my lungs, I found the games fun ( I WON $1 MILLION!!!!!) and the recording nice, seeing how I got to actually hear myself speak another native tounge. :)

period 3
today learned that i need a little more help on some subjects then the other.

I liked the game rags to richies, it was helpful and entertaining. i didnt like the part where i had to record my voice because i wasnt loud enough cx

I liked the speaking thing. Make the test easy tomorrow please.

Today's lesson really helped specialy the recording activity

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