Research Activités Ecologiques
French I Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing Day 1

Research Activités Ecologiques #2



Day 2: Research

Pre- Activity

Open your word document from yesterday and log into wikispaces. Open Word Reference and Lingro as well


Today you will continue with your research. You may download the following grid to help you organize your research. 

Download Activités Ecologiques Grid

Be sure to update your wiki at the end of the period


Post activity:

Using your French name, respond today's post. You will list two things that went well and one thing you would do different. Please add any additional questions or concerns you have regarding the research or any other aspects of the assignement.


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Latifa Dupont
I cannot find reasons why Mauritanie alone has desertification occuring or their natural resources.

Today's reseach was okay to begin with, but became difficult when I had to search for Indonesia's industries and natural resources. After some heavy searching Ifound what I was looking for.

What went well: The amount of information that I have found
What did not well: Not as productive as yesterday

Questions: I am quite unsure yet...

La information de Bresil, Australie, et Indonesie cet correct et facil por cherche.

Taody I was able to gain information on the issue of water polution in India and i was able to obtain general information on the country as well. The one problem i had while resarching was that my pages were crashing and my compter was going a little slow.

The info was easy to get fromw wikipedia

I thought that the research had went very well today because I was able to find more infromation for the project, and I also thought that the chart madame made for me was very helpful. One thing I would change is the way I had use the website to search for things, I looked around a lot but had problems finding things.

The first few questions were not that hard to find but it is hard to find the natural resources and industries.

i thought that the research for today has been very intersting i found out many things

It was kind of lonf but it was easy and interesting.

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