French II Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing Day 2
French II Day 3 Semester Exam Review and Oral Exam

French I Semester Exam Review and Oral Exam Day 3

Oui, c'est moi! J'ai 5 ans sur cette photo!

Day 3

Objectives: By the end of the period, you will be prepared to take your semester exam.



Open your Word Document and space down to the last assignment from yesterday. Type in today’s day to begin today’s activities. Be sure to do a screen shot for each activity! Do a sound check to make sure your sound is working and put on your headphones


First, be sure you have completed all activities from yesterday. Start where you left off and then begin with today’s assignments

Reviewing leçon 8- Right click and open in a new window!  You will complete all activities at the average or advanced level

Atelier de Noël : Right click and open in a new window !  You will find various activities in French.  In your word document, make a screen shot of the activities you have completed (try at least three)

Jeux de Noël: Right click and open in a new window! You will find various activities in French.  In your word document, make a screen shot of the activities you have completed (try at least three). If you must select a language, naturally the language should be FRENCH!

Post activity/Evaluation: Post a comment with your first name, last initial, and class period

Two stars in a wish: What two things went well? What would you do differently? What was your favorite activity?

Printing your document:

1.       Be sure your name is typed in the header

2.       You should make sure your screen shots fit on two pages. Make things as small as you can! 3.       Wait until your section has been given permission to print. Be sure your printer is  on PO2

4.        After you take your paper off the printer, check it off on the roster


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The three days in the lab were fun.
I like the battlship and Rags to Riches games.

Rachel C. 1st period
Today's was really fun to me. My favorite Christmas site was probably Vivenoel one. It had cheerful music. I thouroughly enjoyed my 3 days in the lab; they were days I actually looked forward to.

Rags to riches and the jeopardy games were really fun.

Marisa S.
I thought the activities, throughout the three days, were all entertaining and helpful. The activity that I liked the most was the Rags to Riches game. Another that came in close second was the Battleship game. They were great!

1 day commentbecause our internet stopped working: It was fun and my favorite one was the word connecting one and my least favorite was the dropping teddy bear one. And we learned a lot from interacting in a fun educational way. if I could do something differently I would make a better score.
3 day comment: the over all days in the computer lab was very successful because it was fun and educational way of learning that we enjoyed very much our favorite game was when we had to catch the presents in the basket.

It was fun and everything was good.

being in the lab was chouettte!! my favorite activity was the atelier de noel. :)

J'aime la computer lab the one i like was when i was playing with elves

it was great

I really liked the christmas games.

The Christmas games were quite fun. I think over all for this week..going over the flashcards was the best help for me

Holy Christmas tree!

I loved the Chrimas themed game, and the hangman, and the battleship. XD

I just adore them because they test your skills and see how much of French you both know and can remeber. I'm totally labling these games as AWESOMESAUCE!!!


Abel Menezes
3rd Period

I think the jeaprody was the most fun and the most useful

It was fun,

  • Classzone worked best.

Alex Duong
Period 3
I liked the Jeopardy game, Rags to Riches, and Battleship.

Malhorie Del Rosario
3 pd.

Being in the lab is fun, the computer games helped alot! I liked Rags to Riches, Battleship!

I liked being in the lab it was something unusual and i wasnt as tired! i really liked the Christmas games, but rags to riches helped me the most.

i like the rags to riches game is was very fun and entertain.

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