French I Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing Day 1
French I Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing Day 2

French II Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing


Liège, Belgique

Objectives: To demonstrate speaking proficiency and to prepare for the semester exam

Speaking test: You will be called at random to take the speaking test. You will have a few moments to prepare and two minutes to perform your speaking test


  1. Open a Word document and name it with your last name and today’s date. 
  2. In the header, type your name and class period in the upper left hand corner.
  3. In the center of the page, type French I Semester Exam Review.
  4. Use your I Can statements to determine your areas of strength and weakness
  5. Use the review sheet to determine specific areas you need to study. Be sure to add the Dirty Dozen as well as the special unit on talking about school subjects


You will be completing several exercises from the Quia website.

Make a screen shot of your final score for each grammar practice

 Crop and make these smaller so that you can fit several on a page. You should be able to fit everything on two pages

 Print out your study guide with the screen shots at the end of the period. Please wait until you have been given directions to print! We will be printing one section at a time. Do not press print several times!

Vocabulary Unité 2: Right click and open in a new window! Do all of the study and  play sections of the verb activity

Verbs partir and sortir: Right click and open in a new window!

Verbs mettre and prendre: Right click and open in a new window!

Activités du weekend: Right click and open in a new window!


Passé compose with être

Post activity/Evaluation: Post a comment with your first name, last initial, and class period

Two stars in a wish: What two things went well? What would you do differently?

What do you need to do the most to review for the exam?


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