French I Semester Exam Review and Oral Exam Day 3
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French II Day 3 Semester Exam Review and Oral Exam

Jared Sherbel, a former student, took this photo during the semester he lived in Paris as a teaching assistant in a French lycée


Objectives: Writing about a trip to Paris

Pre-activity: Open your document from yesterday


  1. Complete the chart and double check the accuracy of your sentences
  2. Copy the text from the boxes into the space below the boxes and draft your paragraph
  3. Highlight your paragraph and chanage the language into FRENCH and correct any errors
  4. Select your photos  and add to your paragraph
  5. Make sure your name is in the header of the document and print out your paper

If you finish early:

Explore the A Votre Tour Activies on Classzone

Check out what is going in in Paris this weekend

Check out the French music scene

Post activity/Evaluation: Post a comment with your first name, last initial, and class period

Two stars in a wish: What two things went well? What would you do differently?



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today activites was more helpful because one of the words i forgot and had to relearn again.

I dont understand how to work this website.........k....bye.....?

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