French II Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing
French II Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing Day 2

French I Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing Day 2


Objectives: By the end of the period, you will be prepared to take your semester exam.



Open your Word Document and space down to the last assignment from yesterday. Type in today’s day to begin today’s activities. Be sure to do a screen shot for each activity!


First, be sure you have completed all activities from yesterday. Start where you left off and then begin with today’s assignments

Talking about age and birthday- Right click and open link in a new window!  - You will complete all activities

Er verbs and questions- Right click and open in a new window!


If you finish early, go to the Quia site and select activities where you need the most improvement 



Post activity/Evaluation: Post a comment with your first name, last initial, and class period

Two stars in a wish: What two things went well? What would you do differently? What was your favorite activity?


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my favorite activity was the race

My favorite activity was the battleship with numbers.

Two things I liked were the games and the activites. One thing I would do differently would be not having to play the full game

My favorite was the race one but I wouldn't have done that piggy benk one.

Brooke L.
1st period

J'adore faire activities
i would of reviewed more of the activites using question words

I think that the rags to riches game was pretty fun. And I did pretty well on the matching and fill in the blank. I don't really know what I would do differently, but I'd try to work faster because I'm finishing these activities pretty slowly..

what whent well was the grammer for verb faire, and the card game for questions. what i didn't do so well on the fill in the black verb afaire though.

Rachel C.
period 1
Today's activities were not as fun as yesterdays, but I still liked it. I only tried one activity- Mylo, and it took the whole period. I guess that would have to be my favorite.

Marisa S.
Two things I enjoyed about these activities were one, they were fun and enjoyable and two, they weren't so hard that I couldn't do them. They are very useful. One thing that I think can be improved is to have a bit more games.

Frankie S.

Madame, this has been chouette (except when I have to try to figure out a 17-letter phrase I don't even know), it was fun. Overall I like the Hangman/Disappearing Stars activity because the more stars you lost/body part

Tyler H
my favorite part of this was when morghane and i played jeopardy.

Morghane G
my favorite part was playing all the games c:

What we would change was not to get anything incorrect DX

the jepordy game helped me alot

Had a preatty good time playing that matching game


The games where this time today.
I had easier time today and alot more fun.

I had fun playing jeapordy which i remberider a lot of anwsers

it was good and i was doing good on the games

Today's lesson was okay but it was kinda easy to me and i know alot of stuff about the words they had in the lesson.
If I rated this lesson I would give it a 8 because it was okay. thanks Mrs.Henderson and Mme Will

The jeopardy game was fun.

today was really fun. the games are addicting and they help alot.

J'aime birthdday activity.
I will practice more with flashcards.

the hangman was helpful for me, and the fill in the blank was too.

Alex Duong
Period 3

The MYLO activity was very fun, and I didn't like the flashcards that much.

Abel Menezes
3rd period

I learned many more ways to ask for birthdays and colors
I thought the colors were hard

Malhorie Del Rosario
3 period

I liked the Mylo website. I stayed on that all period!

The activities were...they could be better, but that may have been because I was only doing the birthday game. :P

Though not as fun as yesterday, I did learn how to use my verbe faire correctly :)

(And I got to sing into the mic in French...I need vocal lessons, but I've got nice pronounciation (>o<) )

The Jeopardy game was very helpful and covered many topics from French. I won against my opponent

Holly Ouwehand
period 3

The flash cards were good but I had trouble with mylo because of my earphones malfunctioning. next time I will check them to make sure they work when I need them to

tamera c.
my favorite thing that i did was the rags to riches.i enjoyed playing jeoperdy.i didnt like the word search because i couldnt find much as i tried.but it was fun other than that.

i liked playing jeopardy, it was very helpful.

todays activites make me fell more confident about the exam next week
more comfortable about speecking in
font of alot of people

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