Research Activités Ecologiques #2
French II Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing

French I Semester Exam Review and Oral Testing Day 1

Bruxelles, Belgique

Objectives: To demonstrate speaking proficiency and to prepare for the semester exam

Speaking test: You will be called at random to take the speaking test. You will have a few moments to prepare and two minutes to perform your speaking test


  1. Open a Word document and name it with your last name and today’s date. 
  2. In the header, type your name and class period in the upper left hand corner.
  3. In the center of the page, type French I Semester Exam Review.
  4. Use your I Can statements to determine your areas of strength and weakness
  5. Use the review sheet to determine specific areas you need to study. Be sure to add the Dirty Dozen as well as the special unit on talking about school subjects


You will be completing several exercises from the Quia website.

Make a screen shot of your final score for each grammar practice

 Crop and make these smaller so that you can fit several on a page. You should be able to fit everything on two pages

 Print out your study guide with the screen shots at the end of the period. Please wait until you have been given directions to print! We will be printing one section at a time. Do not press print several times!

être/avoir : Right click and open in a new tab!

Verb faire: Right click and open in a new tab!

Question words: Right click and open in a new tab!

er verbs/likes/dislikes: Right click and open in a new tab!


General Review: Right click and open in a new tab!


Post activity/Evaluation: Post a comment with your first name, last initial, and class period

Two stars in a wish: What two things went well? What would you do differently?

What do you need to do the most to review for the exam?


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The hangman went horrible. I wouldve played it over. The matching went well.

flash cards

i would change some of the games

I did terrible with verb faire and I was kind of confused, but I did a good job on the verb être and avoir.

Ethan S. 1st period
The matching and the word guessing went well but I wouldn't have done the pig one

my favorite activite was the cross word puzzle.

Rachel C.
1st period

I thought the some activities were fun; others hard. Some had stuff I had not learned yet.

matching and battle ship

the 2 things i did well was the verb faire and avoire

Marisa S.
1st period

The activities were very fun and helpful. I think I will be using this a lot more in the days to come!

One thing I liked about today's activity was the games and the word searches and stuff and the thing i did not like was that some stuff was hard

I owned the hangman game, 2 Perfect Games!!!

this assignmen was really fun and kind of relaxing. it wasa good review too, i enjoyed it.

The games like battleship and hangman were good. but the memory ones weren't great because if you missed them repeatedly you would get frustrated.

Jordan S.
2nd period

I did really good on most of them except for the hang man and the activity i didnt understand. (:

christopher fontenot

it was helpful i learned new words

The flash cards were a bit confusing to me, but hangman was alot easier to me

Timothy K.
Period 2

the actives helped I mainly did the hangman game which was fun and helped a lot

Alyssa W.
2nd Period
I did really good with the matching activities(: ,hangman was kind of hard... because I didn't know some of the things on it.

Today i did very good on the word puzzle.

I enjoyed the battleship game it helped out a lot with verbs

in really liked the hangman and word search

I learned alot from the flashcards and the matching it really help

Today the lesson was okay. But not that exciting to learn about. some of the games that was on the website was okay. I really like the hangman.

I really enjoyed it besides the hangman

Osama Abdelmajid Per.2

I liked to amount of different games,and what they let you study. I didn't like the hard ones though

Jesse Avila
2nd Period

Good games for reviewing without using the handouts recieved in class; Only problem though the AI is too da** Hard!

Tim Jackson 2nd period

hangman was tricky, but the flashcards helped me alot; and then i went back and played the hang man i won 3 levels in a row .

the word find and matching we're easy, but the battleship was confusing.

Kiana Anthony-Poindexter
3rd period

The games were a bit difficult seeing how I couldn't remember all the verbes at first, but as I progressed, I was able to get a hang of it. Though verbe fait is a little difficult to remember...

Ultimate favorite game was the battleship. I TOTALLY SUNK THE ENEMIES SHIP! HA!

Hangman was difficult then most games but my favorites were conventration and the matching. the word search gave me a headache and it really didnt help but on the bright side i learned new words and memorized new ones.

Malhorie Del Rosario
3 period

The Game "Rags to Riches" was really fun cause it was just like "Who wants to be a millionaire" and The matching game and battle ship was very easy. The thing i got a hard time on was Bleu, Unité 3, Leçon 8-Information Questions. The one with the selection box.

Abel Menezes 3rd period
My favorite activity was the battle ship and the matching was very easy
I learned about new phrases

Alex Duong
3rd period

The Matching Games were really easy, and the Battleship and "Rags to Riches" was really fun. I would change it so that there are higher difficulty settings. I didn't like the hang-man type ones, because some of the words I didn't even learn yet.

da things dat hd went wel was dat i did a cross wrd puzzle and i did wel. da bad thing was dat i play battleship and i think i did nt no what i was doin and i lost.

alliyah anderson
3rd period

the excercise we did today was pretty fun and actually and eudacationail i learned alittle bit more today playing this game.

One I liked was the rags to richies and the mathching game with the drop down menu I didnt like the verb games because i dont uinderstand verbs.

Rags to riches was fun. The pig one was too confusing.

i need to work on my french vowels more.

Games really help me and with the voice comand it helps more.

I need to work on my colors, and work on asking when. what, and how. The thing that went well were greetings to people.

Alyssa W.

2nd Period
I did really well on the birthday activities

I liked the racing game with the weird shapes. all is good.

We liked the rags to riches and the word search alot. Being in the lab was very helpful, it expanded out french vocabulary.

I liked the music and picture web site but i found the video sites sort of boring... i think they can do better.

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