Second Nine Weeks Learning Log #5
Research Activités Ecologiques

Français III Activités écologiques Français III et AP

La Terre

Français III Activités écologiques


Each student is going to do a « manifeste » about ecology. You will be assigned a country. You are going to research what particular ecological issue(s) has this country. It could be about (energy, global warming, deforestation, shortage of water, pollution…). Your poster is going to be about that issue(s).

You are going to pretend that you are representing an ecological association.

Your poster would have to :

-          Have a slogan

-          State the purposes of your association

-          Explain what your association is doing to help prevent or reduce the problem

-          Explain why people should join your association

-          Explain what they would do if they decide do join you

-          State where they can find you (address, téléphone…)

 Be creative ! Make the poster attractive !

 See phase 3 pour le grand final !


Français IV/AP Activités écologiques


You are going to do a speaking activity with a partner. One person will be a journalist. The other will be a well known personality defending the environment.

You will not know until the day of the interview who will be your partner. On that day, you will draw a paper. At that time, you will know who is going to be « the journalist » and who is going to be the « personality ».

To do this activity you will need to do research on three countries. You will have to prepare yourself and learn about the environmental issues in those three countries.


If you are the journalist, you will need to :

-          Know how to introduce your guest

-          Ask questions about that particular environment issue your guest’s country has.

-          Ask what your guest association do to reduce the problem (solution).

-          Ask if there will other solutions. You may want to say what you think is right or wrong. You can argue.


If you are the guest/personality, you will need to:

-          Know how  to present the environmental issue(s) that your country is facing.

-          Speak about your association. Present its goals and the solutions your association is offering. What the association may do in the future.  What the government should do. What people can do their level to help or stop that problem.

-          Be able to answer questions about that problems.


Act up !!! Be creative !!!                                  See phase 3 pour le grand final !


Français III – IV – AP
Activités écologiques Le grand final !!!


During the « interview » that élèves of Français IV et AP will be performing, the élèves of Français III will be the « audience ». At the end of the presentation, the journalist (un élève de Français 4), will ask the audience if they have questions for the guest/personality. The élèves of Français III will be encouraged to ask questions, make comments, give their opinions.

 Mais avant tout : il faut se préparer. Tout d’abord il faut faire des recherches!!! Alors


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j'aime etudier et jour internet

today was fun i was pplaying the christmas game and the thing that i did best was the flashcards

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