1 septembre French 1- First computer lab activity
1 septembre Français II- First lab assignment

Français III et AP



  1. Be sure you can sign into your wikispaces account. Check the history if you have forgotten your user name, go to the history of your page. If you need to create a new account, use your first name plus Hen11. USE YOUR SCHOOL PASSWORD!!!
  2. Open up your word document  from last class period. Make sure you have named it with your last name and métiers. You will be adding it to a wiki page at the end of the period.

Wiksipaces Period 6

Wikispaces Period 7

French 3

French 4


By the end of class today, you will:

1. Discover sources for your independent practice (this will be due each Tuesday and you are to practice 45 minutes a week).

2. Learn about the Parlons twitter project

3.  Describe various aspects of a career you are interested in


Independent learning

  1. Navigate to the wiki below and become familiar with the various activities for independent practice.
  2.  Select three that you plan to do this week. This will be due on TUESDAY

Mme Theisen's Wiki

Parlons Twitter project

  1. Navigate to the parlons page to check out the directions for the project
  2. You will be using your Alter Ego as your pseduo for the Twitter project

Parlons project


1. Go to the following page and download the form. Save the form as métiers2, today's date and your last name.  You will be finding out about your jobs and using this form to summarize your findings. You will use the métiers website to fill out your form. 

Fiche metiers

Uploading to wiki:

You will be uploading all files to the wiki page. We will be in lab 122 tomorrow and 635 on Monday 



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