1 septembre Français II- First lab assignment
L'appel téléphonique au Consulat et le retrait du passesport au Consulat

Alter Ego Français et et AP

6 Emile Deschanel3


Request to join new wiki at mmehendersonFrench3etAP


Select a French name

Female French name generator

Male French name generator

Complete fiche personnage French III et AP

Download Fiche_didenti_AP

French AP add 5 addditional items from this list

Download Fiche Personnage AP


Creating your powerpoint:

Everyone: Information from the top section of the Fiche d'identité

Your true color (selon le test d'evaluation je suis bleu(e) or,vert(e), orange

French III 5 items from bottom of list

French AP five items from bottom of list and five items from Fiche Personnage AP

Information from your métier (lesmetiers.net)


On your wikipage:

Add your powerpoint as a file (make it very simple!!!)

Save as JPG so that the slides can be imbbeded into the wiki page









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