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Français III et AP

1 septembre French 1- First computer lab activity


Cathedral Nantes3
Cathedrale de Nantes as seen from the guestroom of my friends'  home in Nantes. Quelle belle vue!


Objective- Signing up for the Classzone online textbook, and practicing French skills


  1. Log onto your student account.

  2. If you can not sign onto your account after two attempts, please write your first and last name on a sheet of paper and bring it to me so that I can verify your account.

  3. You may only visited the sites listed in today's assignment. You may NOT access Skyward while we are in the lab. Do this on your own time!

II. Signing up for the textbook

1. You will navigate to Classzone
2. Be sure to use the same log in information as you do for school.
3. Remember to write down your user information so that you can access your account from any computer
4. Practice with the online flashcards for leçon 1

III. Practicing classroom commands- Complete the following activities

Apprendre le français et les mots de la classe
French School Commands-Quizlet


IV. Languages Online

Navigate to Languages Online- French topics  and select several objects to practice.


V Reflection

You will make a comment today's  post with your First Name ONLY and class period. You will tell me what two things went well and what you would do differently. You will remain seated until the end of the period and I will dismiss you.


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I think I need to practice some of these sentences, cause some of them are hard to pronounce.

I need to practice numbers, and phrases with accents. I learned how to count better.

this was really fun. i liked the translation game and the flashcards. i would like to study more with the flash cards

The textbook signing up went well and the activities. I would do the flashcards differently

I think I need to study the words and pronounciations more, because it's hard for me to remember after a short practice time. I would study longer, so that I can remember more of the things I'm learning.



I knew how to count to twenty so it helped with the flashcards.Next time i want to go to 40.

1) I learned how to say things correctly
2) I can study at home now

1) I thought I was saying words right but I really wasn't

Heddah e 1st period

What went well was when i got all the words and the right place i think i can spell better and french and to study flash cards

2 things that went well was the flashcards and the registration for the online textbook. 1 thing I would do differently would be to have everyone on the same thing everytime.

1. I learned 11-20 (numbers)
2.I learned a new song

I wouldn't do anything differently

i lerned more about numbers. i just wished i could memorize them better. i also need to pronounce the words beeter, because they aren't how their written.

I really enjoyed the sites on the blog. They were fun and interactive. Another thing I liked was how easy it was to get to the online textbook. But what I would change is to get a computer with sound.

Rachel C. period 1

i really like the flash cards and how they say the words for you it really helps. I dont think anything should be changed

i learned some new words and know the numbers better now

The Singing up for the textbook was fast and easy . Playing the games was 'interesting'. I will use the flashcards often.

Period 1
Brooke L.

i loved both website, i believe they will help me study and undertsand french really will. I wish i would of been able to start when everyone else did so i could get more time to enjoy the websites even more, when i get home i will go on both website because i enjoyed them.

Today the going to computer was a good and the fact that there was flshcards. on the oother hand the fact that there was so many links was a bad thing. another bad thing is that there so many people play the sounds of the owrds

I think i need to practice with numbers and learning to say some of the phrases with the accents. I learned how to count to Ten in French

1. I can hear the word

most of the words were good and i got alot of practice. I would like to know more numbers.

Bonjour, Madame. Two of the things that went bien with me were...

1) I have gone through the flashcards easily and quickly.
2) I can understand most basic phrases when needed (only most of them, Madame).

What I would have done differently was...

1) Well, nothing, actually.

Period 1
Taylar D.
i really liked using the flash cards, because it was fun to hear what the words meant, but at the same time we were learning what they really meant.

Period 1
Tiffant S.
The 2 good things today were the flashcards because they helped me remember the words and the games because they were fun and hellped me with my french. tihe one thing i wis was better was the game with the student and the teacher because i didnt understand it.

Two things that went well were I really liked the flash cards, I think they will be helpful when I'm studying. Another thing that went well was the games. I thought that was a fun way to practice French.
One thing I would do differently is I would put a few more games in beginner, easy, intermediate, hard, and expert levels.

I can now count to 20 with out looking at the paper, and i can get onto my textbook at home. The flashcards were diffrent and helpful.

I learnes how say basic french phrases and how to access my textook.If I could do one thing differently I would access more things.

This website is cool.

Fun games to play and laern. Had no troubles with anything.

I learned about what alot of things mean & i know that i need to study more, but it was fun.

I need to learn my numbers better i still don't know all of them.

I learned to count from 1-10 and learn basic salutations. I thought it was pretty fun. I wish we stuck with only one website though, especially the last one.

I like this lesson alot. would like to learn more about french and be very good at it .i would like to do another site that shows you how to speech in french so thanks for letting me learn all of this

i can now reconized the names of diffrent numbers and i know hoe to say bouy and girl in french. one thing i would change about it is the flash card with pictures, not sure what the pictures mean.

I Learned How to say so many words today and how to say how old people are. Itsreally cool how much i leared todayt

studying the numbers and greetings went really well i just need to work on matching pictures with the words.

umm i learned the names of diffrent transportation

I learned the numbers to 100, and remember a lot of them. I also liked the flash cards. I wish there was something for the alphabet though

I think that I could learn alot from these websites in the future

With the flashcards, i found out that there are different

The flash cards were really helpful online. They are really clear on how to pronounce The saying.

i can now reconized the names of diffrent numbers and i know hoe to say bouy and girl in french. one thing i would change about it is the flash card with pictures, not sure what the pictures mean.

Today I enjoyed the flashcards on classzone. However, I felt that i could have done more on the websites but I did not know how to operate them.

I learned my numbers a lot better and it was eaier with the song that came with it and the quiz.

I like the flashcards they helped alot.

I liked the first set of flash cards, the second set was alittle strange, or stranger accent. Second I liked the language online practices.

Today I wotked on on sying my basic sentences, and perfectred my numbers.

its a very helpful site to learn a new language.

Brikitta H. period 2

I learned how to access the online textbook and other useful sites. if I could do one thing differently I would read the directions better before starting the game.

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