Français III et AP
Alter Ego Français et et AP

1 septembre Français II- First lab assignment


Cathedral Nantes3 

Cathedrale de Nantes as seen from the guestroom of my friends'  home in Nantes. Quelle belle vue!


Objective- Signing up for the Classzone online textbook, and practicing French skills


  1. Log onto your student account. Open a new word document with today's date and your name.

  2. If you can not sign onto your account after two attempts, please write your first and last name on a sheet of paper and bring it to me so that I can verify your account.

  3. You may only visited the sites listed in today's assignment. You may NOT access Skyward while we are in the lab. Do this on your own time!


I. Signing up for the textbook

1. You will navigate to Classzone and follow the directions on the handout.
2. Be sure to use the same log in information as you do for school.
3. Remember to write down your user information so that you can access your account from any computer

4. Practice with the online flashcards for leçon 1

II. Using your online textbook

Open to pages 30 and 31 and answer the following questions on your Word document:

1. Quel âge a Mélanie Pasquier?

2. Où habite Clément Boutin?

3. Monsieur Ngyuyen est originaire de quel pays?

4. Pour quoi travaille la mère de Maxime Cavagnac?

5. Comment s'appelle le lycée de Mathilde Kieffer?

6. Quelle est la profession de Stéphanie Pelard?

7. Comment s'appelle la quatrième ville française?



III. Languages Online

Navigate to Languages Online- French topics  . Select Encore Tricolore 1 Unité 5 and select several exercises to practice.

IV Reflection

You will make a comment today's  post with your First Name ONLY and class period. You will tell me what two things went well and what you would do differently. You will remain seated until the end of the period and I will dismiss you.


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