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Mon métier- Français III/IV/V




Qu'est ce que tu veux faire plus tard?

Objective: Using a personality test to suggest career path


Open a Word Document and title it Mon Métier and today's date.


1. Take the True Colors assessment .

2. Take a screen shot of the results and paste it into your Word document.

3.  Take the  Test d'orientation and paste the results into your Word document

4. Go to Les Métiers and find out more about your job. We will be in the lab again this week for you to complete your job research.

Post activity and evaluation

1. Save your document and print it out

2. As a response to today's post, summarize your findings: Selon le test d'orientation, je devrais être___ plus tard. Je suis d'accord/je ne suis pas d'accord avec l'évaluation.  Selon le test de True Colors, je suis...