French I 29 mars
French II- Il faut bien se nourrir!

French I: 29 mars Unité 5


Objective- Reviewing Unité 5; contractions, verb venir, possessive adjectives

Download lab_unit_5.doc


Partie 1. Choose at least two of these activities


Talking about what people own- Possessive adjectives


Contractions with à, de, verb venir


Review Unité 5



Partie 2  Unité 5 Leçon 16 Mes voisins- Copy and paste this text into a Word document. This will be printed and posted


Click on different regions to see different types of houses for sale in France

How do prices compare with houses for sale in your neighborhood?

What are the French houses like? How do they seem similar or different to houses where you live?


Search here for the  homes in France



Cabinet Saint Martin

This development has villa offerings in Perpignan in the south of France.

– You should look at three houses at this site.


Maisons de France

Click on the map of


to see the homes for sale in various regions. Look at one house in three different regions







Imagine that you are house shopping in France and you have just found a wonderful new home. Write an email to your friend in which you describe your house in detail. Tell your friend what your house has- Elle a… and what your house doesn ‘t have- Elle n’a pas de…  Use adjectives like grand(e) and petit(e) to describe your house. Your email should have descriptions of at least three things. Use Wordreference ONLY to look up vocabulary. You should NOT be using an online translator to complete this exercise. I will be looking!!


Partie 3 Type your email here and post to the blog. You will print this out after you have posted.











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Référence : 14727a-

Chère Julie,
Bonjour! Comment vas – tu? Ca va bien. mon maison distribuant 3 chambres, elle grande et amusant.

Le masion, elle a piscine. Elle n’a pas de garage. Le mansion grande et blanc. Elle a trois chambre.

I really enjoy the game and they do help me

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