French AP
French II 8 mars Health and Fitness

French I: 8 mars Future Plans

Future Plans


Classic Skyline- N Creatures Flickr Creative Communs

Objective- To talk about where one is going and what one is going to do

Preactivity- What is the verb aller? What are the forms?


1. Test your knowledge of the verb aller by completing the quiz at Quia- Aller quiz

2. Prepare your document:

Right click and "save as" you last name with today's date . Open Word and locate your document. Type into the gray text boxes. Be sure your name is on both pages.

Download future_activities..doc

During the activity

You will not have time to waste. You should be able to complete all questions within the time allotted.When you have finished, print out your document and check your name off on the roster.

After the activity- Reflection on activity.

Respond to this activity by copying the following questions into the comment box. Answer all questions. Remember to use only your FIRST name and class period.

What did you learn today?
What I liked about these exercises...
What I didn’t like about these exercises...
What I would do differently....

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Me and courtneys favorite game was the jeopardy game because it was a fun way to learn and if i could do somthing differently i woud do better on the game where we matched the colors and i would study my colors more.

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