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La Gaspesie
In 2009, National Geographic ranked it as the third most beautiful place in the world.
It is a summer and winter resort.
You can go fishing for salmon at the resort.

Mon Dusty
He is a Canadian country singer.
He developed a passion for music at a young age
He was inspired by his father and uncles.

Mes questions pour...
One object you can never leave without?
Are you coming out with a new album this year?
Are you having a show this winter?

1. In the autumn of 2009, the National Geographic Society named it the 3rd most beautiful destination for vacationers in the world.
2. There are some art galleries, museums, and cultural festivals in the area.
3. The national park of Gaspesie has an area of 802 km squared and has a lot of activities. There are a lot of flours, vegetation, mountains, and lakes.

1. He can play the drums, guitar, bass, clavier and harmonica.
2. He had a rock band with 5 other musicians when he was a teen.
3. At the age of 21 he transformed into a Country musician.

1. Un objet que tu ne pourrais te passer?
2. Un nouvel album pour 2011?
3. Que détestes tu le plus dans ce métier?
4. pratiques-tu des sports? si oui lesquels?
5. Ta plus grande richesse?

Lingro Words
Camionneur, cariiere, cellulaire, diriger, gerante, malhonnetes, métier, originaire, soigné, vecue, villegiature

In 2009 aimed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.
It’s a winter and summer resort.
Activities available are water skiing, skiing, mountain biking etc.

Mon Dusty
Canadian country singer
He tours regularly and performs at events
He is the father of 3
Viateur Caron is a tv program he was in 2008
He discovered his musical talent at age 8

Will you have a new album in 2010?
What are your projects for 2010?
Will you be doing any performing in the winter?
Will you always play country music?
What kind of person are you?

La Gaspesie
1. The National Geographic Society classified the Gaspésie as the third most beautiful destination in the world.
2. At first it gained tourism because of pricing for the bourgeoisie for the fishing of salmon and the attitude of a resort.
3. The Gaspésie surprises and seduces because of differences and diversity.

Mon Dusty
1. Native of the Gaspésie, more specifically, “Chandler”.
2. There are a lot of musicians in his family.
3. He developed a passion for music at a young age.

Mes questions pour...
1. Un objet que tu ne pourrais te passer?
2. Quels sont les projets pour toi pour 2011?
3. D'ou te viens cette passion pour le monde du spectacle?
4. Prochains spectacles cet hiver?
5. Joues tu d'un instrument de musique?

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